Climate policy: 170 scientists see computational errors at the current mix

Climate policy: 170 scientists see computational errors at the current mix

Has fundamentally offset the policy of the contribution of the electric car for climate? Unfortunately, yes, say 170 scientists from all over the world. "The numbers suggest a savings potential we do not have", Says Professor Thomas Koch from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (Kit) of the DPA. Because the power mix had simply been calculated incorrectly.

"The question is not: electric car or burner. The question is: fossil or not", Said cook. In an open letter to the EU Commission, on the Stuttgarter newspaper and Stuttgarter news On Monday, the scientists reported their concerns. Because the EU is about to gain its CO2 specifications for the newly authorized cars in Europe again.

With 453.000 sold electrical and plug-in vehicles in the first quarter is Europe China with 489.000 electric cars close to the heels. And according to countries, Germany is already secondary e-car market in the world today, with almost 250.000 Newly approved electric cars by the end of May. VW is now one of the drivers of development. By 2030 Volkswagen wants to sell only one third of his cars with gasoline or diesel engine. Mercedes-Benz and BMW pile about 50 percent.

But a fixed appointment for the end of the combuser do not want to set the corporations. Too different are the market and the wishes of the customers, too differently the political specifications. In addition, the charging infrastructure that is missing in many countries, also in Europe. And because it ultimately goes to climate protection, much more important, where the electricity is actually coming from the electric cars.

With electricity from coal or OL he does not see a rough sense in the changeover to E-drives, VW boss Herbert said at the balance sheet PK. "A modern diesel is climate-friendly than an electric vehicle loaded with coal flow", said BMW boss Oliver Zipse the Passauer new press / Danube courier. He has "gross", if there is enough okostrom.

High need to be sucked in

The EU Commission ames that the electricity will become cleaner with the expansion of wind and solar systems. No, say cook and his colleagues. Because the power requirement will rise even more – and then the whole bill is no longer right.

The Federal Government wants not only 10 million electric cars on the strain by 2030, but also transform industry and heating rapidly. The electricity requirement in Germany will grow to 57 gigawatts by 2030 from 56, says Koch. In 6000 from the 8760 hours a year it would also need more electricity from fossil power plants next to Okostrom. But this has overlook the politics in their debates and bills, definitely not counted. Then the real CO2 emissions could be much higher than it is estimated by politics – in total even twice as high.

The scientists are all agreed that the climate is lissed and the CO2 outskin should be reduced, emphasized cook. "We also need the e-car for that." But the specifications also favored the e-car where the climate does not use anything.

If Okostrom was not added with gas, ol- and coal flow, but with nuclear power, the invoice looked better. But that is a political decision of the Germans, said Koch. When today’s combustions instead of gasoline and diesel CO2-neutral were refueled synthetic fuel, they love 25 percent CO2. But also politics and industry today went another way. In the interest of the climate, the EU Commission should consider her attitude before the next step, so the appeal of the scientists.

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