Chinese astronauts achieve new space station

Chinese astronauts achieve new space station

Three astronauts have successfully achieved China’s room station in construction. The spaceship Shenzhou 12 ("Magical ship") Never Haiheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo on board lifted on Thursday morning from Jiuquan Space Railway in the Wuste Gobi. The journey is the first manned Chinese space mission for five years.

Quick arrival at Tianhe

The Chinese state television showed live images from the start and from the spaceship, as it folded around 15 minutes later in the Earth Currency. The astronauts opened their helmet visors and waved into the camera. For about six hours later, you successfully dooded in an automatic procedure to the core module Tianhe. It is the only one of three planned modules, which is already in space. The station is in a high of about 370 kilometers on the road.

During your stay in all, the astronauts, who are never caught by the 56-year-old commander, work on the station exports to test important functions of the core module and continue to carry out scientific experiments.

During Never Haiheng and the 54-year-old Lio Boming to the most experienced astronauts of China, it is the first flight for the 45-year-old Tang Hongbo. Stay as planned for three months on the station, it was the longest stay of Chinese room driver in all. In 2016, the Chinese Chen Dong and Jing Haipeng spent a month in space.

Still several flights necessary

The first module of Tiagong, which should be ready until the end of 2022, had been sent to all at the beginning of May. At the end of May followed another cargo flight with material and fuel. In order to build the space station, two more than 20 tonnes of heavy laboratory modules are added to space. In the next year two more cargo bottles and two manned missions are planned.

If the International Space Station ISS in the next year as planned, China is the only country that still operates a residential video in general. Chinese astronauts were not allowed to attend missions on the ISS due to the USA.

China is always ahead of his ambitious space program. After several successful flights to the moon, the People’s Republic had launched the Rover Zhurong on Mars in mid-May. The People’s Republic is the first nation, which has succeeded in this manove right at the first flight to the Red Planet. In the medium term, China also wants to send people to the moon.

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