China strives for 6 percent growth and more economic independence

China strives for 6 percent growth and more economic independence

Despite the global recession by the Corona Pandemic, China wants a strong economic growth of this year "More than six percent" reach. In order to become independent abroad, government leader Li Keqiang underlined on Friday to open the annual conference of the folk congress in Beijing, that the development of the domestic economy "Priority" must. Also, one’s own innovation should be much stronger than sooner to reduce the technological dislocations.

At the center of the Plenary Session of the Chinese Parliament, the economic goals and the budget for this year, the new funf-year plan of 2021 to 2025 and a controversial electoral reform for Hong Kong. In this way, Beijing wants to further prune the already limited democracy in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. The session of the almost 3000 delegates is short this year than usual and will only take to theest Thursday.

Against the background of the growing tensions with the US, India, Taiwan and in the controversial Sudchinese sea, China will increase its militar expenses by 6.8 percent this year. Thus, the expenses for the militar grow faster than the total budget. In the previous year, the increase had already made 6.6 percent despite the Corona crisis. "The strategic skills of the militar to protect the sovereignty, security and development interests of our country are expanded", Premier Li Keqiang said in his speech.

As an important part of the "gross renewal" of the country, China’s state and party leader Xi Jinping drives the modernization of the dispute form. "This includes to be a leader in the world in terms of international influence and have a first class militar, which can fight and win war", said the expert Helena Legarda from the China Institute Merics in Berlin.

Growth despite crisis

The growth target of more than six percent for the second grave economy was surprise. In the previous year, the prime was still because of the uncertainties by the pandemic, apart from making such a specification. In 2020, despite the burglary of the economy, especially at the beginning of the year, 2.3 percent growth had been achieved. While the world has experienced a recession, China was the only gross economy, the growth recorded.

Beijing has responded to the crisis with a massive economic program. In this year, the International Merungs Fund will even expect 8.1 percent growth in China this year. Because of the current billion expenditures, the Premier announced that the share of the budget deficit in the economic output this year will be back at 3.2 percent over the three percent, which is critically applicable. In the previous year, it was 3.6 percent.

Economic and research claim

An important realignment is the concept of "two circulation", with which the economic domestic circulation is required. Thus, China wants to make self-stronger because of the sanctions of the US and the global crisis. As part of the FunF Annual Plan, the strategy should be pursued, "to expand domestic demand, intensify the structural reforms on the offer page and generate new demand with innovation-driven development and high-quality offers", said Li Keqiang.

Innovation Stay the heartstick of the modernization offensive. "We will strong our science and technology to strategically support the development of China", Gave Li Keqiang in his single-hour report. Also the digitization of the country should be further accelerated. Man "Faster work to develop a digital society, a digital government and a healthy digital okosystem".

"China’s government is very stranded to avoid shocks for domestic companies through the global supply chains", said the chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, Jorg Wuttke, in Chinese state television to the new policy. "At the same time, I hope that this does not mean that China will sweep the jerking in the world."

Because of the pandemic, the plenary session had been postponed in the previous year on May. That she takes place as usual again in Marz, the normalization in China demonstrates. The deputies in the coarse hall of the people are all vaccinated and wore mouth and nasal protection, while only the members of the top lead on the podium without mask occurred. The most valuable country has largely undergraded the virus with starting locks and mass test for millions as well as contact tracking, quartaine and strict entrance coatings.

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