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Finally vacations, finally we are going on vacation. The things are packed and stowed in the car, let’s go! But the anticipation quickly dies down when you hit the first traffic jam and the kids start whining. Now good advice is expensive – or not. Keep your kids and yourself entertained with our highway games.

A long car ride on vacation can become a test of endurance for the whole family. Sentences like “When are we finally there??” and “I’m bored” make your alarm bells ring. If you now also get into a traffic jam and the trip drags on even longer, everyone’s mood can quickly drop to zero. A plan is needed – or many more highway games that offer excitement and distraction.

Fun games for young and old

The games we present to you are for the most part familiar and you may have played these games yourself in your childhood. Now you can pass it on to your children. Even if you are a parent by now, we are sure that not only your children but also you will have a lot of fun! at the highway games will have.

A classic highway game that many parents have probably played when they were children. Here’s how it works: The game goes around and each sentence starts with “I’m packing my suitcase…”. Each player, when it is his turn, must add a new item, but before that he must list all the items already packed in the correct order. Whoever forgets an item or lists it in the wrong order is out of the game. The winner is the child with the best memory.
Alternatively, you can rename the game “I throw into my garbage bag…”. The children have fun, disgusting things like full diapers or throwing the unpleasant homework into the trash and hearing what mom and dad would throw away.

I pack my suitcase


2. Car license plate

If you’re already on the highway and playing highway and traffic jam games accordingly, then it’s only natural to play with license plates. There are many different ways to keep kids bored with license plates.

  • Make sentences from the license plates of passing cars: The license plate HB-LK, for example, becomes Hubert bakes delicious cake.
  • Discover license plates that make up words.
  • License plate bingo: Each player writes down a word of his choice on a piece of paper. Make sure teammates’ words are short and have the same number of letters. The game leader now names the middle letters of the license plate of passing cars. Every letter that has been noted down by the other players may be crossed out. Whose word is crossed out first is the winner.
  • Assigning license plates to the city: This is admittedly already the variant for advanced players. But try letting your kids match the license plates to the city they’re in.

Where does the license plate come from..?

Simply enter the license plate abbreviation into the input field of our license plate query and you will immediately see to which city or county the license plate belongs to.

3. Animals guessing with 15 questions

An animal alternative to “What am I”: One child thinks of an animal that the other passengers have to guess within 15 yes-no questions. For example, with questions like “Does the animal live in the water?? Does the animal have four legs?“ If it is too easy with the 15 questions, increase the difficulty level by, for example, only ten questions are allowed.

4. Tickets please!

Long car rides and traffic jams can become a challenge. To help children estimate the duration of a trip, the following game is a good alternative. the following method: before or at the beginning of the departure, the children receive from you a slip of paper with painted tickets, which can be easily torn off. After a certain distance traveled, play the ticket inspector and ask your children to show their ticket. The children must now tear off a ticket from the slip of paper they received before departure and show it to the others. A nice-to-have: For every ticket handed in, the children receive a small surprise, such as a chocolate bar or a Pixi book.

To prepare: Before leaving, check how long the route to your destination is and then decide when you want to ask the children for the ticket. Whether, for example, every 50 or every 100 kilometers, that’s up to you. Also, tell the kids how many total miles you’ll be driving and after how many miles driven they’ll want to see a ticket. This gives the children an approximate sense of how far they have traveled and how much distance still lies ahead of them.

5. Uncle Otto is sitting in the bathtub

For this game you need a sheet of paper and a pencil. The sheet should be used in landscape format, because space for writing is needed. At the top, so to speak as the first line, the sentence “Uncle Otto sits in the bathtub” is written and this sentence is formatted as a table.

Now the first round begins and each player writes in the next row under “Uncle” a relationship name. Now the sheet is folded so that the first column is no longer visible, then each player passes his sheet to the person next to him. In the second column, i.e. under “Otto, now a name is entered. This area is again folded so that it can no longer be seen, and again everyone passes their hand to the person next to them.

This principle is continued until the sentence is complete. Now each player can unfold his or her sheet of paper and read out the sentences that have been created in the process. By the fact that no one knows, If the other person has thought about what to say, particularly funny and bizarre sentences can be created.

If you want more, you can also change or extend the sentence, for example to “Uncle Otto sits in the bathtub to splash around”, then at the end each player has to complete one more part of the sentence.

6. Story time with mistakes

Another nice way to pass the time on a long car ride: One person is the storyteller (you can take turns) and tells a well-known fairy tale. But: The person builds in mistakes. For example, that Sleeping Beauty did not sleep for a hundred years, but for two hundred. Or that the princess did not throw the Frog Prince against the wall, but out of the window. Snow White lived not with seven, but with eight dwarfs. Whoever finds the most mistakes in a fairy tale wins the game.

7. Tell your own stories

This is a very fun and creative game for highways: Tell your own stories together, in which everyone in turn adds a sentence. One of them gives the opening sentence to the story, for example, “Once upon a time there was a dwarf who wanted to become a giant.“ The next player tells the next sentence of the story and so on. This creates funny and unexpected twists in the story and definitely lightens the mood during the long car ride.

8. The detective game

A watchful eye is required! A passenger is the suspect who is looked at closely by the other passengers (the detectives) for one minute. At best, they memorize every detail of the suspect. After the minute the detectives have to close their eyes and the suspect is allowed to change one thing about him or her. For example, he can put a crease in the sweater, pull the sock over the pants, or push up the sleeve of the sweater slightly. Then the detectives may open their eyes again. The detective who recognizes the change the fastest may be the suspect in the next round.

In this game, of course, the driver of the car is excluded. The detective game would work even better on a train ride if everyone in a four-seater could see each other clearly.

9. A to Z Play

This is a highway game that can be played for hours and always find new categories.

Together we determine a category, within which terms are named alphabetically and in turn. If the upper category is animals, the first player names an animal with A, the second player names an animal with B until one has reached Z. Then a new category is considered. Depending on the category, heavy letters can also be omitted.

10. Form a word snake

Also a classic for highway games: Form a word snake or string words together. One player names a word that consists of two nouns, for example, snail’s pace. The next one has to find a word that starts with Tempo, like speed limit. Now another player must find a word with limit.

If there are smaller children in the car, a modified version can be played with, for example, animals. Someone names an animal, for example giraffe. The next player names an animal that starts with the last letter of the animal just named, for example donkey. Now must follow an animal that begins with L and so on.

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