Chemnitz-linux days differently: event takes place 2021 digitally

Chemnitz-Linux days differently: event takes place 2021 digitally

"Just make it different!" is the motto of the Chemnitz-Linux days 2021. Like many other specialist conferences and community events, the Linux meeting takes place online in the coming year.

The Corona pandemic is not only responsible for the failure of the Chemnitz-Linux Days 2020. It also ensures that work and learn for many people is increasingly shaking into digital space. Therefore, the role of Linux and Open Source is in the tractive digitization of one of the central topics of lecture and workshops in the coming year.

Browser instead of horsaal

Unlike in previous years, the central horsaal building of the TU Chemnitz does not act as a venue. The workshops take place as a videoconference. Presentation and presentations are transferred via video stream. For discussion and exchanges, the initiators are based on the open source solution "Big Blue Button".

The organizers call on the website of the Chemnitz-Linux days to submit forward performance and workshops. Projects, companies and clubs can be used for a virtual state in the "Linux live"-Apply area. That too "CLT-Junior"-Program with the target group Children and adolescents shifts to the digital room.

The Chemnitzer Linux days will find on the 13th.03.2021 and 14.03.2021 instead. Interested in the Linux conference website.

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