Catchwise complaint against car scanning in baden-wurttemberg

Two motorists and a motorist have filed a complaint against the automatic passenger of cars in Baden-Wurttemberg at the Federal Scarring Court. The legal basis for Dafur, the new police law, had been adopted last year from the black-yellow majority in the state parliament. Monore the complaints, Law "In the absence of every danger" an automated mass control of public road traffic. Motorists had to calculate due to the license plate adjustment with the creation of motion profiles. The authority is so indefinite and widely committed that is not predictable when and how the police makes use of their use.

The Landesverband Baden-Wurttemberg of the Humanist Union points out in a communication that the Federal Scarf Court had in Marz 2008 comparable regulations of the Federal Standers Schleswig-Holstein and Hessen as with the Basic Law incompatible. The complaints are committed to the fact that the automatic indicator in Baden-Wurttemberg should also be used for law enforcement, but legislative condition is in this area in the federal government. If the burger is not stopped by the police check, he does not experience anything about when and under which circumstances has been recorded. The courts were therefore not limited to the requirements of the maaking in the Basic Law.

When scanning vehicle license plates, all vehicles are automatically recorded on selected public strain with a video camera without special occasion or suspicion. The license plate will then be automatically adjusted with the search of the police. The technique also wants to use the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Hesse, she should be reimbursed by a new law, during Schleswig-Holstein and Bremen already renounced it. The new black-yellow-green coalition in Saarland has agreed in its Coalition Treaty (PDF file) to delete the car mass comparison in Saarland.

Lawyer Udo Kaub von der Humanist Union, which represents the Baden Wurttemberg complaints in front of the Federal Science Court, criticizes that car scanning only random finders deliver only from the bagate area. In addition, it connects personnel that could be used in other ways meaningful. With a decision of the Federal Scaled Court Konne to Nachstes or Ubernachstes year. The court is already a complaint against car scanning in Lower Saxony (AZ. 1 BVR 1443/08). Against a decision of the Administrative Court Munchen, which considered the automatic identification of characteristics as justified, was appealed. (Anw / C’t)

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