car insurance test 2022 – the best car insurances in comparison

When you’re driving a car, it’s easy for an accident to happen. A brief moment of inattention can be enough to leave more than a scratch in the paint, and in the worst case scenario, one or more people can be injured. Then it is important that you have sufficient insurance coverage, otherwise this can have very serious and, above all, long-lasting financial consequences.Especially for you, a team of experts has therefore compiled a detailed overview of the options, so that you are also really fully informed and know which car insurance in your case comes into question.

Compare best car insurances

What is car insurance?

What is a car insurance test and comparison?

Your previously concluded Car insurance will be the Damage in the best case everything is covered if you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy.One what? The fully comprehensive insurance, is only one of the types of car insurance on which the following comparison is detailed.

A Car insurance quite generally formulated, comes then to the Carry, if you cause an accident, or were involved in an accident in any way.Basically, you can choose between a car liability insurance, a comprehensive insurance, a protection letter, the passenger accident insurance and a Accident legal protection insurance make a test.All these mentioned types of insurance are directly related to a classic car insurance.

What exactly is a car insurance test and comparison?

the best in this case is a fully comprehensive or at least a partial comprehensive insurance.

If you need a car insurance for a so-called oldtimer or youngtimer it is important to inform yourself about it in advance and make a comprehensive Test because for these types of vehicles and their car insurance, different rules and rates apply.

Always keep in mind that a Car insurance has the sense Accident victims to protect you from financial damage.

How does a car insurance work? The experts have conducted a test for you!

How does a car insurance test and comparison work?

In Germany it is legally required to have at least a liability insurance if you want to drive a car on the road. But this is actually only worthwhile in the case of an accident for which you are responsible, and then also only for the Damage, the damage caused to the car of the other driver.

For the damage caused to your own car by the accident, you also need a so-called comprehensive insurance. But even here there are significant differences, about which you should inform yourself exactly and perform a test. A Liability insurance is always based on the class of the car to be insured.

The exact functioning of a car insurance in the test and comparison?

With partial coverage, the Insurance coverage extended by protection in case of theft, burglary, glass breakage and various storm damages. A fully comprehensive – car insurance has in any case the benefits of a partial coverage included and also offers protection for vandalism, hit and run and the most important, this covers damage to Accidents, which have been caused by yourself.

What kind of car insurance you choose in the end is ultimately your decision, however, it should be emphasized again that you should definitely make a sufficient test of the offers from the insurance companies, so that you really find a suitable package for you and their needs. Whether this is a pure liability insurance, a partial cover or yet a Comprehensive insurance is up to you.

The current best products from a car insurance test at a glance

Each class has a certain percentage of Insurance company and this also corresponds to the basic premium, which you as a customer actually have to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even annually.

So if you’ve been without an accident for 15 years, you’ll be assigned to no-claims class 15 and pay only a quarter of your total Basic premium, as this would correspond to a rate of 30 percent for most insurance companies.

The bestsellers from a car insurance test and comparison

The Reason for it, lies with the higher Probability, that someone who has only just received a driver’s license will not yet have the practice and driving skills as a person who has been driving a car for 15 years.

It depends of course always on the respective tariff of the provider, which percentage is valid for whom, so make in any case one and carry out a Test of the offer before you decide on one of them. This is the only way to make sure you are getting the right car insurance for your car.

Because every insurer, can change its Rates and determine their own provisions, which leads to different conditions for each and for you at the end of the Day can mean more or less cost for the same product.

Sometimes it can also happen that you are immediately around several Classes will hike up, it depends on the amount of the damage. According to the test and the experts, it makes sense at the end of an insurance year to test and carry out whether a change to another provider might not be worthwhile.

When and for whom is car insurance important?? Here the test!

The different areas of application from a car insurance test comparison

Once you have passenger car, no matter what size, type or value, you want to drive on a road, then you need at least a Liability insurance as car insurance. This applies at least to Germany and all neighboring countries. How this looks in your country and individual case, you must find out in a comparison and test.

Because if you decide against high Payments If you want to protect your vehicle against damage caused by an accident, arson, theft or similar, then it is important to take out car insurance. Because only through such, you are protected from being in Security and do not experience a rude awakening!

The different areas of application from a car insurance test comparison

In addition, the fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage caused by vandalism, which the test showed is not available with any other form of insurance.

Even if this Variant so it will be a little more expensive, it is worth it in most cases, because you will never have to worry about being stuck with a big bill for your car repairs after an accident.

What types of a car insurance there are?

What types of car insurance are there in a test comparison?

So different the needs of the People, Are also the when it comes to their vehicles.
According to the test, a car that has a few years under its belt is usually no longer worth a very expensive Insurance to conclude, since this can usually cost more than the car is actually still worth.

Thus the insurance institutions offer to most different Conditions three different types of car insurance in the an.The team of Expertentesten, has summarized the most important points for you and examined all categories in detail.

Variant 1 – the liability insurance

In most Countries, you can not drive a car on the road at all, as already mentioned, should it not have this car insurance. The Liability insurance is mostly required by law, at least in Germany and surrounding countries. For this reason, the insurance providers are also legally a bar as far as prices and rates are concerned. In addition, they have to accept every customer, as this car insurance is just mandatory to take out compared to the other types.

What car insurance models are there in a test comparison?

Likewise, a refusal can be made if you are not in the business territory of the insurer.So if you have Accident If you cause damage to another car, then this is covered by the liability insurance.

Even if another road user should suffer an injury due to an accident for which you are responsible, this is covered by this variant of car insurance.

This can be another Car driver, around a cyclist or in addition, a pedestrian act. If your car is also damaged, then the liability insurance in but not on! For this you need a higher insurance class. A test has shown that in Germany almost 20% of the cars participating in the traffic only have these MinimumCar insurance have.

Variant 2 – the partial cover insurance

Where and how can I use a car insurance test winner correctly

The next higher Car insurance is the partial casco. For around 100 euros more, you can additionally protect yourself for further damage that may occur. This time even with those that occur on their own car.

A partial coverage insurance covers in the to a pure Liability insurance also the case of theft, so if the car is stolen by a stranger, or if someone breaks into your car and leaves damage or takes individual parts of the car.

What do I have to look out for when taking out a car insurance test winner?

You are also covered by Partial cover covered against fire damage or damage caused by an explosion”. According to the test, this also includes fire caused by a short circuit in the car’s cables.In addition, game accidents and marten bites are also covered, but usually with a deductible.

In some Tariffs, this will mostly depend on the business area, are also covered damages as a result of roof avalanches and other snow avalanches.
As you may have noticed from this point on, this will be covered by this Variant of the car insurance thus damages covered, which were caused predominantly by strange being to blame for.

On these tips they must pay attention to a car insurance test winner?

If you want to save a bit, then you always have the Possibility take out an insurance against deductible, this will lower your policy a bit.

Where you should pay particular attention to the wording in the Contract The only thing you should pay attention to is the point. Because if here only “hairy game” is written, then the pheasant that suddenly jumps in front of your car and breaks the entire lower front is not included. Likewise, it does not mean a runaway cow or a dog or a cat and you remain on the Cost of the damage.
The very best thing to aim for would be a wording that covers “all Animals” contains, only in this way you can be on the safe side, that actually each animal is included and your damage is covered by the car insurance.

But if the engine is damaged by a broken cooling hose, which can happen, then you are stuck with the costs, if it is not specifically mentioned in the contract that even consequential damages are included in your insurance Car insurance.

Variant 3 – the fully comprehensive insurance

The following important notes must be observed in a car insurance test winner?

The last and therefore most expensive but also most comprehensive Car insurance, is the fully comprehensive.
In any case, included in it, is the partial casco, in addition, this type still covers self-inflicted accidents.

Because in the Normal case, thus with a partial cover or naturally also with a liability insurance, damages are never also insured, which result from own fault. Here is otherwise always: you pay for each repair itself!

A Comprehensive insurance also covers damage caused by wilful damage by third parties. This means cases of vandalism, as is the case, for example, when an unknown Person with a key your paint on the car is damaged, the Mercedes star is broken off, or your antenna. Damage is also covered if you are not at fault for the accident and the person who caused it subsequently commits a hit-and-run and simply leaves you with the damage.

How much this Car insurance The average cost depends on the respective insurance company. If you are thinking about buying a new car, it is advisable to first make a comprehensive comparison and test of the offers available on the market, in order to be able to conclude the optimal car insurance for you afterwards. It is also worthwhile to choose an insurance with deductible, because here you again at the Total premium can save.

What benefits can be included in a car insurance policy, and which of them are particularly important?

We compare car insurances according to these test criteria

The offer and the services, are depending on Provider different. So you may get more bang for your buck with one insurer than another. For this reason, a detailed test is essential.

The most important benefits are Wildschutz, Coverage amount, rental car, foreign protection, gross negligence, replacement value compensation, consequential damage, repurchase and driver protection.In the following, the experts of the team have subjected all the points just mentioned to a detailed test and have presented the results briefly and compactly for You summarized.

The coverage amount

This in particular in the Liability insurance important, and for a small surcharge you get already higher coverages than those prescribed by law. Coverage amount means the limit of the amount of damage that is covered by car insurance. Of course, the higher the amount, the better for you.

game protection

These test criteria are possible in a car insurance comparison

With very many Partial cover insurance accidents caused by a collision with an animal are counted only if the animal is a so-called furred game animal. This means for you, an accident with a cow, a pheasant or a runaway Dog are not covered by it and in such a case you pay the entire repair costs alone.

You can counteract this by paying attention to a precise formulation in the contract. In the best case, this should refer to “all vertebrate animals” or even “all animals” are.Then you can be sure that the car insurance will also cover them.

Rental car

Especially if you need a rental car abroad, the coverage amounts are often very low and through a Additional insurance, you can increase your liability insurance and thus ensure that the rented car is also covered by it.

The foreign protection:

The following features are important in a car insurance test

This is also a possible addition to your Liability insurance.

Because if you are involved in an accident abroad while on vacation, guilty or innocent, then this is clarified by your own insurance company with the abroad and you have no worries or unnecessary expenditure of time and spare your Nerves for the time after the vacation.

Gross negligence

This topic must also be covered in a Test about car insurance to be considered. Particularly with a partial and a comprehensive insurance exactly this is very important. With most insurers, you will find a clause to this effect in the contract, which states that in a Case of gross negligence by you, a reduction or complete cancellation of the insurance benefit is allowed. For an additional charge, you can purchase from some providers for the “waiver of the objection of gross negligence”.

The repurchase

According to these important features is checked in a car insurance test

This clause provides you with Possibility, that you can pay for the damage yourself within a certain period of time, usually six or sometimes twelve months, thus preventing you from being upgraded in the damage class and then having to pay more premium.

The replacement value indemnity

Especially with Partial cover- and the Comprehensive insurance You should pay close attention to such a clause, because especially new cars lose a lot of value within a very short time, usually already in the first weeks or months after a purchase. If you then have an accident with the new car, you will therefore receive the correspondingly reduced value from the insurer back.

With a used Car you should name the compensation value on the basis of the purchase price. Then the test showed that in case of a total loss you get it back from the car insurance company.

The consequential damages

The handling from the car insurance test winner in the test and comparison

As before Marten bites mentioned, it often comes to serious consequential damage, which can make a repair very expensive. Because often you do not even notice such damage until it causes another, such as in the worst case a defect of the Motors.

Therefore, it is particularly important to cover such consequential damage in your contract! Otherwise, you will have to pay for it completely yourself, and this can often cost vast sums of money.

The driver protection

For each Car insurance there are different additions, one of them is the so-called driver protection. If it comes to an accident and there are injured Persons, then the liability insurance of the driver who caused the accident pays for it. This comes for pain and suffering or even loss of earnings on.

Which services are not usually covered by a car insurance policy?? The test showed the following:

The simple operation of the car insurance test winner in the test and comparison

It always depends on the type of Car insurance on which benefits are covered in the specific case. With a liability insurance, as already mentioned, only such damages are paid, which are caused by you to other persons, that are all road users (pedestrians included) and their vehicles.

In case of you or your vehicle the Liability insurance in comparison nothing. Precisely for this reason, it makes sense to either take out certain additional insurance, or possibly a partial casco or Fully comprehensive insurance. However, it depends on your car and its value, whether this makes sense or not. Liability insurance really only covers the most necessary, no damage to your car will be covered by it.

The price-performance ratio of the car insurance test winner in the test and comparison

The Comprehensive insurance covers all damages, which are also covered by a partial casco and additionally those caused by own fault and vandalism. Theft, burglary, storms and the like are already covered by partial coverage anyway. Only damage caused by accidents abroad, you must also here necessarily still by an additional insurance to let cover.

When it comes to wildlife accidents, it is important to have the right Formulation to pay attention in the contract, as this often only covers furred game and would not include pheasants, cows or runaway dogs, if this should not be mentioned in detail.

What do the costs look like with car insurance?

How much euros does a car insurance test winner online?

Often it is not the hurdle of purchasing a Cars, but the maintenance costs of that one to create. Especially at a young age, can a car insurance compared to some Years in the future often turn out to be considerably more expensive than you had thought.

Therefore, it is always worth a test and extensive comparison of the am Market This is the only way to ensure that you are optimally insured in the event of an accident and that you find the best car insurance for your needs.

Where is the best place to find a car insurance test and comparison winner?

If you have a Beginner driver are, then you have to expect a much higher amount than after many years of driving experience. However, there is a possibility to lower the amount if you agree on a deductible or register the car as a second car.

The cheapest Variant according to the test is always a liability insurance, because it only covers damage to other people and their vehicles. It is difficult to give an exact number, because this includes so many different factors. For one VW Golf you can probably count on about 500 to 1000 euros a year. It always depends on the age of the car, the horsepower and the value.

This is how car insurance providers are compared in the test

What is important in such a Test always to pay attention to some criteria. Especially with liability insurance, the coverage amount plays an important role.

When does the conclusion / change of a car insurance pays off?

Find a good car insurance test winner online in the offer

At the end of a Insurance year is always the cheapest Timing, to consider a change of insurance provider.

Therefore, make soon enough a comparison and test of the other providers to see as early as possible whether you pay too much, or whether there are better Possibilities would give for you on the market.Often the needs also change and a car insurance must be adapted accordingly.

A conclusion of a Liability insurance in the test is mandatory by law in Germany, otherwise you are not allowed to drive the car in public traffic. An add-on, partial or fully comprehensive are all voluntary benefits in comparison to this.

What do I have to pay attention to when taking out/changing insurance??

Check the prices from the car insurance test winner in the price comparison

Always pay attention to the respective Conditions of the insurer, these can differ significantly from each other and decide in each case about a few thousand euros more or less. Therefore, a comparison and test is essential before you sign a contract for car insurance.

The most important Criteria to consider is the Coverage amount, the compensation for damage caused by game, replacement value, personal insurance, foreign insurance and the clause for gross negligence.You can always save by taking out car insurance with a deductible.

Presentation of the leading 7 providers of car insurance

  • Allianz24
  • DBV
  • Ergo Direct
  • Generali Insurance
  • Hanse Merkur
  • Zurich Insurance
  • Wustenrot

Numbers, data, facts on the subject of car insurance in the test

All numbers and data from a car insurance test and comparison

As the first Cars The introduction of the new charging tariffs for electric cars has led to a demand for insurance against damage caused to them, so that in the event of an emergency you do not have to cover all the costs.Already in ancient Greece the charges of the commercial vessel insured with a sea loan. In the 17. In the nineteenth century, industrialization added several insurance.

From the year 1899 was established in Stuttgart by the general German insurance association a first Liability insurance and accident insurance offered. This was followed by a so-called additional car pileup insurance and a short time later there was a vehicle insurance by Agrippina which was approximately like a today’s comprehensive insurance.

That opened for all insurance companies to a certain extent a Gate into paradise, because from that time on a lot of people owned a car and therefore needed such an insurance, if they wanted to drive it.

Car insurance in the test of Stiftung Warentest – the results in comparison and test

The results of Stiftung Warentest on the subject of car insurance at a glance

The amount of the premium of your car insurance depends on different Requirements and factors from. With a comparison of car insurances by the Stiftung Warentest you can find favorable offers exactly for your personal need – all the same whether that is a full cover, a partial cover or also only a pure motor vehicle liability. The comparison involves almost all insurers.

It does not matter Car insurance want to change or a New car you want to insure: You can save hundreds of Euros with the optimal car insurance and still not miss out on sufficient protection.

Which car insurance is there? Which is the best in comparison and test?

All facts from a car insurance test and comparison

There are 3 types: one Liability insurance, which only pays for damage you cause to other road users, partial cover insurance, which also covers damage caused to your car by, for example, theft, burglary, glass breakage, Thunderstorm or also game accident or marten bite.

A fully comprehensive insurance also covers all this and in addition such damage that you have to blame and by vandalism, so maliciously caused by strangers.

How much does car insurance cost? Which is the best in comparison and test?

This always depends on the Value of the car, the kilometers driven, the age of the driver and many other. It is different for each provider.

Who needs to buy car insurance?

What damage does a liability insurance cover?

The test conclusion to the best products from the category car insurance

Damage to other road users and their Vehicles.

Which damage does a partial cover car insurance cover??

Theft, burglary, glass breakage, Storm and marten bite.

What damage does a fully comprehensive car insurance cover?

All these, which are covered by a partial casco and still Self-inflicted and by vandalism.

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