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AirCar: World’s first flying car approved for air transport

Updated: 31.01.2022 06:12

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  • Author Ulrike Hagen

World’s first flying car gets airspace certification. The “AirCar” hybrid with BMW internal combustion engine transforms into an airplane in two minutes.

Bratislava- How nice it would be if you could simply fly over the traffic jam with your car? Probably everyone who is tearing their hair out at the current traffic news has had this thought before. Now the wish becomes reality: In Slovakia, for the first time in the history of aviation, a hybrid vehicle that transforms from a car into an airplane in no time at all has been approved: the “AirCar”. The sensation could even go into mass production soon.

Land in Europe: Slovakia
capital: Bratislava
Inhabitants: 5.459 million
Size: 49.034 km²
President: Zuzana Caputova

The AirCar is the world’s first flying car – and already approved for air traffic

After the groundbreaking successes, in which researchers developed a hydrogen aircraft with a range of 800 kilometers and the first aircraft to reach 555 km/h with electric propulsion, a record set by Rolls-Royce, now follows with the approval of the “AirCar” another milestone in aviation technology. After 70 hours of flight tests and 200 take-offs and landings, the Slovak Civil Aviation Authority awarded the flying cars of “Klein Vision” an airworthiness certificate. „The Aircar certification enables the serial production of very efficient flying cars”, confirms developer Professor Stefan Klein.

The AirCar, a hybrid car-airplane in the air on its way from Nitra to Bratislava

AirCar goes from car to plane in two minutes – with just a flick of a switch

The Slovakian inventor and designer developed the “AirCar” as a sophisticated hybrid between a conventional combustion vehicle and an airplane. This incredible transformation from land to air vehicle happens with the flip of a switch – and takes just over two minutes. The vehicle extends its tail section to the rear so that the vehicle is lengthened; the wings then unfold.

It’s official and final confirmation of our ability to change medium-haul transportation forever

“AirCar” developer Prof. Stefan Klein.

“AirCar” with BMW combustion engine consumes no more than a normal car

The core of this amazing vehicle is a 160 hp BMW combustion engine, which drives a rear propeller in flight mode. The model has a range of up to 1000 kilometers, with a maximum road speed of 160km/h. Unlike the Airbus airplane, which flies solely on used cooking oil, the AirCar requires no fuel normal fuel from the gas station to reach a maximum flight altitude of 5.490 meters to reach. To take off, however, you need an alphalt or grass runway of about 300 m length- and the flight distance is still relatively short. The vehicle took 35 minutes to cover a distance of about 90 kilometers from Nitra to Bratislava. But soon the “AirCar can fly from London to Paris.

In the future with the flying car from London to Paris

“It is the official and final confirmation of our ability to change medium-range air travel forever,” announces Professor Stefan Klein, the inventor, head of the development team and the test pilot. “Fifty years ago, the car was the epitome of freedom,” adds Anton Zajac, co-founder of the project “AirCar pushes those boundaries by taking us to the next dimension, where road and sky meet.”

Civil Aviation Authority confirmed: The “AirCar” meets all safety standards

Rene Molnar, Director of the Civil Aviation Department of Slovakia, confirms the airworthiness and, above all, the road safety of the spectacular hybrid car: “The traffic authority has carefully monitored all phases of the unique AirCar development from the very beginning. AirCar combines top innovations with safety measures that meet EASA standards. It defines a new category of sports car and a reliable airplane.”

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