C’t webdev 2021: loosening performance brakes on websites

C't webdev 2021: performance-brakes at websites loose't webdev 2021: performance-bremsen bei websites losen

WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system. Jessica Lyschik has already implemented many projects with it and advises companies whose WordPress sites are lame. In her talk “Boosting WordPress” she not only discusses the many possibilities WordPress offers for optimization, but also helps users of other systems. Her talk also helps users of other systems to track down and eliminate performance brakes.

Benjamin Kluck and Peter Mosenthin talk about caches and other means for speed optimization: Among other things they deal with the questions which max-age should be used where and how service workers help with performance and availability. The two lectures complete the c’t in February, which takes place as a purely online event without a presentation section.

One day, one topic: Performance

All the other talks at the one-day conference also revolve around the important topic of website performance optimization. Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, will present Google’s metrics for high-performance websites, the Core Web Vitals, in his talk at c’t. Sia Karamalegos shows how to present only the smallest necessary image to a site’s visitors without sacrificing quality.

Christian Schaefer presents two tools that can be used to try out any number of frontend adaptations at the speed of light: Chrome Devtools and CloudFlare Workers. And Peter Kroner demonstrates how the JavaScript engines optimize code execution and how developers can work with them to do so.

One-day workshops

On 10. The program is rounded off by several full-day workshops in February: Sven Wolfermann offers a practice-oriented all-rounder that clarifies all questions about performance optimization. Peter Kroner delves into his talk in his workshop “Under the Hood. He examines in detail how a modern JS engine works, from the parser to the final optimizing compiler stage, as well as how to find and optimize slow scripts. And Andre Kovac develops an app with React Native together with the participants in his workshop “From 0 to App”.

Details about the workshops and the talks can be found in the agenda on the c’t homepage . Tickets for the conference cost 279, for the workshops 499 Euro. Combitickets for the combination of conference and workshops cost 699 Euro.

We will hold the press event from 22. to 23. November 2021. Then, over two days and three tracks, the Koln event center Komed will once again cover the entire spectrum of frontend development: from the basics of JavaScript and web programming to frameworks, UX design, workflow and testing to new frontends such as assistants, bots and VR.

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