Business messenger teamwire with status messages and onboarding bot

Business Messenger TeamWire with status messages and onboarding bot

The business messenger TeamWire from Germany publishes new functions as an API-15 release: Status messages allow it to characterize messages by type and thus also prioritize. Red stands for an alarm, Grun are wradies and yellow are notes.

"The status messages are a natural evolution of alerting messages that we have originally developed for regulated industries", Says Javier Rayon Encinas, Head of Product Management at TeamWire, in a press release. Such messages can be created in the chat on the attachment menu, receptioners can react with OK or SOS alert, when notifications are emoticons to choose from as the classic thumb up. Transmers then have the possibility to summarize and evaluate the reactions. TeamWire hopes for optimized cooperation.

More security and admin control

The release also includes new password guidelines with which admins can specify the minimum and further criteria for users. The flow of a password can also be limited in time. The settings can be found in the dashboard. There are new users an onboarding bot that should help in the messenger in the rapid. The maximum chat group groove has been increased to 2500. This was mainly made of security associates in order to achieve many employees at the same time.

TeamWire stands with API 15 from the 11. Calendar week available, both for downloading for use via mobile device management as well as in the app and Google Play Store. The Messenger is mainly used by companies, authorities, blue light organizations and healthcare. For example, the police in Bavaria have been based on TeamWire since 2017, but also the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs as well as Vodafone.

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