Bsi: homeoffice is not booming in the pandemic, it security

BSI: HomeOffice is not booming in the pandemic, IT security

The Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI) is not satisfied with all companies. In terms of security in the home office, according to a survey, you do not consider all the recommendations of the BSI – and that, since since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic has doubled the number of home workplaces, 12 million employees are changed to home office. For many, the spontaneous had happened, IT security did not play a role too often.

42 percent of respondents around 1000 companies with at least three employees from all sectors had indicated to use their own IT in home office exclusively. Over 50 percent of companies, less than 10 percent of IT expenditure invests in Cyber security. The BSI, however, is recommending to spend 20 percent of the IT budget for safety.

66 percent of the companies surveyed operate a VPN to set up 8 percent of one. Daters in HomeOffice are closed by 64 percent, 9 percent plan this. 38 percent of companies manage the security of mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices with connection to the corporate network, emerges from the BSI survey.

Lots of sensitivity, little exercise

Furthermore, the BSI attests to the company that employee-approving is already well implemented, in case of emergency use there is a catching demand: 81 percent of companies train their workers to Cyber security risks, 24 percent regularly, which is to do with an attack.

BSI survey on IT security in the HomeOffice since Corona (April 2021)

BSI: HomeOffice is not booming in the pandemic, IT security

8 percent said their company had to deal with Cyber attacks during the Corona crisis. About a quarter of the companies affected by Cyber attacks suffered by these existing threatening or very serious damage – especially micro companies. However, especially affected of attacks are coarse companies.

58 percent of the surveyed companies want to maintain or expand the HomeOffice offer even after the pandemic. The companies that want to establish their home office are dragging digitization projects and two-thirds of the coarse companies take the pandemic as digitization turbo.

Bitkom Prasident Achim Mountain resumed, "Safety is not a one-time project, security is a continuous process". For mobile work, there is a proper balance between user-friendly access to corporate data and protection of IT. This requires robust and risk-based IT security management, employee training and well thought-out emergency concepts.

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