Browser in privacy check: model brave, mogelpackung edge

Browser in Privacy Check: Model Brave, Mogelpackung Edge

Browsers are familiar with all kinds of sensitive data, from surfing behavior on personal data to payment information and passwords. But these data are really in good hands? Seven current desktop browser had to compete in the current C’t 14/2021 to privacy check, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

In the evaluation, not only the built-in protective functions against fingerprinting and tracking, but also the communication behavior of the browser: because the best tracking protection is worthless, if the browser itself is the privacy problem and during the use of more data into the world paunt, as a necessary.

Even if the browsers do the same at first glance, the results could hardly be different. During the Underdog Brave by far the best way to cummer the privasphare of his users, Edge turned out to be a Mogelpackung: The Microsoft Browser brings with a good tracking blocker, delivers its users over the "New tab"-However, the same side to the first tracking companies. Turn off these pages did not love.

Browser in Privacy Check: Model Brave, Mogelpackung Edge

Cookie banners and tracking cookies are pulp. With Microsoft Edge you get it already at the browser start.

Private browser mode not private

In the analysis of the traffic, the next surprise lurked: Even in private browser mode, Microsoft Edge reported URLs called to a manufacturer server. This behavior could also have C’t with Opera Beoachten, really privately surfing here you never. Opera also fell through supplied advertising enhancements, such as Amazon.

C’t clarifies on current tracking and fingerprinting techniques in ie 14/2021 and dares an outlook into the future: because the end of the problematic third-party cookies is aimed at a privacy-friendly successor’s browser. Manufacturers so far not some.

Set Firefox optimally

Last, But Not Least presents C’t a Firefox configuration that makes surfing again: without cookie banners, tracking and intrusive advertising. In addition to the borrowing of the browser, some selected extensions are used to optimize the annoying elements on websites from the route space and cookie management.

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