Brave: web browser with built-in ipfs support

Supported on private sphare web browser Brave since version 1.19 The InterPanetary File System (IPFS). Resources in IPFs can be opened on an external HTTP gateway or a local IPFS node, which the browser starts as needed to participate in the network.

In particular, the latter is a unique selling point under gear browsers. Although Opera for Android brings with support for IPFS, IPFS content can only view the mentioned gateways. In principle, every normal browser can also – but less comfortable. For Firefox and chromium browser, there are plug-ins, but a local or, as well as well, the node integrated in the browser does not replace.

Interplanetary file system

IPFS is one "Peer-to-peer HyperMedia Protocol" and wants to http in the long term (that "Hypertext Transfer Protocol") substitute. Unlike HTTP IPFS does not set on a client server architecture, but distributes data to all participating nodes. Similar to BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer protocols (P2P), this is significantly fail-safe and censor-resistant than the classic web.

Resources can be retrieved in IPFs by operating their own node, similarly to a P2P client. Instead of URLs, specifying where a file can be found – and also point to the empty – uses IPFS content-based addressing: files are identified via their content and not their place. Uberi-schemes such as IPFS: // or IPNs: // the data can be retrieved and also refer to each other. So, among other things, complete websites can be created in IPFs without there any (or more) dedicated servers that they deliver.

Complicated detail questions

The full integration of IPFS into a browser is not trivial. Content addressing requires impending security measures such as the Same Origin Policy and both the storage of data in your own IPFS node and the use of HTTP gateways requires special privacy varieties. In the first case you are active participants of a P2P network, in the second case, gateway operators like Cloudflare see network traffic.

The developers of Brave explain in the envision of IPFS support which thought they have made. There are also information about further tarpaulin: Among other things, Braves Mobile Browser should receive support for IPFS, the browser should learn to address IPFS content on DNS records and users are to be unavailable via BRAVE own websites in IPFS.

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