Bit noise: amd in hohenrausch, intel on abwartskurs, x86 for china

Bit noise: AMD in Hohenrausch, Intel on Abwartskurs, X86 for China

AMD boss Lisa Su has its shop well under control: Sales in the third quarter 2020 grew clearly on nearly three billion US dollars. The resulting share price uses AMD to engage in the FPGA market operator Xilinx. Although this envision won the share price again a little, but did not go as strong as with Intel, where he rushed by more than ten percent in the cellar after notification of the actual quarter numbers. But the new AMD Ryzen 5000 with Zen 3 sink Intel’s core I fleet for desktop PCs whose turns shrink. Only with notebooks does it run pretty well for Intel, here is Tiger Lake goes in.

Therefore, Intel’s client computing division also enabled slightly, while server technology slipped – instead of 50 percent, as at the beginning of the year, only 46 percent of Intel sales were accounted for in the third quarter "Data Centric Products" Like Xeons, Optane Storage and Network Chips. Intel even pays IoT products here. But if there are no really new chips since 2016 – the 10-nanometer atom x6000e has just ran from the stack – then the buying mind also decreases.

Also on qualifying questions about delayed products Weub Intel no convincing answers. The first Xeon-SP with 10 nanometer technology "ICE LAKE" Coming at the beginning of 2021. As a pausefuler Intel already avited a few security features, but donated new confusion. And at the 7-nanometer compute accelerator Ponte Vecchio threaten delays that drove to the delay of the Exaflops supercomputer Aurora. Instead of Prestige, this 500 million-US dollar project Intel thus brings new worries. And AMD can hope to win the bunny and hedgehog game with supercomputers, you have hot iron like Frontier and El Capitan in the fire.

Bit noise: AMD in Hohenrausch, Intel on Abwartskurs, X86 for China

Intel Outside: In the Fritzbox 7590, the chip Grx500 is the company Lantiq purchased from Intel only 2015, which is now at Maxlinear.

In any case, the EUROOHPC project buys (also) at AMD, at the end of 2021, in the Finnish Kajaani of the 375 Plders Strong Lumi with EPYC processors and Radeon-Instint accelerator cards should start. With the Xilinx acquisition, AMD wants to continue the server division strong, as Intel’s goal was at the age of altera. NVIDIA in turn had first swallowed Mellanox and then arm.

At Intel, the signs are meanwhile on sale: The SSD division goes to SK HYNIX and already in the spring of the year you had given the department for Smart Home Gateways created in 2015 with the Lantiq purchase for Smart Home Gateways at Maxlinear. The times of "Intel inside" So in the Fritzbox will soon be over again, in some current AVM routers, the Anywan chips of Lantiq / Intel are stuck in namely.

Via technology for China

The Taiwan X86 processor manufacturer Via Technology sells a part of its X86 knowledge to Zhaoxin in Chinese Shanghai. Via is involved with almost 15 percent of Zhaoxin, the rest stop a state Chinese investment company. The microarchitecture of the Zhaoxin Kaixian processors such as KX-U6780a ultimately comes from the Texan company Centaur, who bought Via 1999. It remains open whether the youngest Centaur design in China lands, the end of 2019 contested CHA-Soco for server with eight AVX-512-capable X86 cores and built-in "Ncore"-Accelerator for Ki-Inferencing.

Zhaoxin rests the current Kaixian chips so far in Taiwan of TSMC with 16-nanometer technology; But the prere of the US government on suppliers for Chinese companies growth. Certainly Zhaoxin can switch to the domestic 14-nanometer technique of the Chinese order manufacturer SMIC.

US Prassident Donald Trump Personal is making yourself for the "Home residence" strong hardware factories from Asia in the US. As the eighth of the world called Trump a Fab, which builds the world-growing application for Foxconn currently in Wisconsin. The US Publication The Verge now reports on a hair-minded state there: the plan to produce television rates there, Foxconn has brought a lack of cost-effectiveness.

Lenovo sales stop in Germany

A dispute over Licenses for VideoCodec H.264 ALIAS MPEG-4 / AVC has followed for Lenovo expensive consequences: Patent owner Nokia has obtained an interim borrowing against Lenovo before the district court of Munchen. On 22. Therefore, in Germany, Lenovo introduced the sale of most products to our own website: until one agrees with Nokia, there is no equipment with graphics processor and built in H.264-decoder (or encoder) more. This meets the notebooks, desktop PCs, workstations and tablets, but not the Lenovo subsidiary brands Medion and Motorola. Such disputes are water on the muple royalty-free codecs like AV1.

This article comes from C’t 24/2020.

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