Bill gates over mask denwers: “we ask you (also) to wear pants!”

Bill gates over mask denwers:'wir bitten sie (auch), hosen zu tragen!''wir bitten sie (auch), hosen zu tragen!'

In the new podcast "Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions" Has the Microsoft co-reason and Philanthrop Bill Gates took strong criticism of mask refusers.

In the first episode of the new podcast, he searched along with actress, scriptwriter and sanger Rashida Jones and the US Immunologist and Director of the US Research Center National Institute of Allowy and Infectious Diseases (Niaid) Anthony Fauci answers to the question "What Will The World Look Like After Covid-19?".

In view of the high death in the United States, gates showed ungestion for people who do not want to wear a mask to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and saving life. "The overlay that someone refuses to wear a mask is very strange for me", said Gates and asked the question in the room if these people are a kind of nudists. "Do you know, I mean, we ask you to wear pants and not American, or very few Americans, say that is a terrible thing."

Gates underlined the importance of wearing masks where it is appropriate, and explained how masks – also makeshift masks – others and under circumstances can also be the carrier. Stretch way the podcast looked like a declaration program. Thus, Gates explained that the risk of infection over the respiratory tract is high than other viral diseases and are already possible in asymptomatic stages of infections.

Rashida Jones underlined the criticism of Gates. "If you want to return to a lifetime, wear a mask, or do not wear a mask and stay at home", she said.

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Also Fauci, who advised as head of the Niaid, advised the US government in the Corona Pandemic and had overwurt with US Prassident Donald Trump in the mask ie, underlined the importance of wearing masks and handswashing. Fauci had also pladged for initial notifications and was with Trump on Dove Ears. Fauci appealed to the people in the interview with Jones and Gates to the people to move social distance to get over the upcoming winter.

Overall, Fauci moved a positive balance in the face of vaccines. "I want to tell the people, do not give up", he said. "That will be an end. Science will help us with a vaccine and therapy, and if we pay attention to the maws of public health, we can also get control of it. What you do not want is that people say ‘I did that for so long. I am sorry. To the hell with it. I just go out and do what I want ‘."

In the US, the Trump government had hardly made efforts to bury the Corona Pandemic. Currently, the seasonal restarts show an exponential course with the last around 180.000 infected. Nearly 250.000 people should have died in connection with the coronavirus. According to the University of Washington, a nationwide mask bid to Marz was around 68.000 US Americans save life, writes Reuters.

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