Bergkarabach shared

Bergkarabach shared

Falls on 15. November back to Azerbaijan: The Monastery Dadiwank in the corridor district Kelbecer. Photo: Julian Nyca. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Armenia is intended to area areas in the corridor – and just under two thousand Russian soldiers should ensure a ceasefire

After the Armenian side built on Monday that it succeeded in the Azerbaijaners to conquer the military city of Schuschi (cf. Has Bergkarabach fell?), the Armenian head of government Nikol Paschinjan and the Azerbaijan Long-term Prassident Ilham Alijev have agreed on a ceasefire to a ceasefire. Such participations have already been several times in recent weeks without Baku had held.

Opt-out demands

That this could be different is 1.960 Russian soldiers, which together with 90 transport tankers, 380 other vehicles and not close to experienced "Special technology" to secure a demarcation line between Armenians and Shiite Turks – at least the forest five years. Know no side the agreement six months before this period expires, he automatically demands for another half decade – and so on.

The first soldiers and vehicles were flew yesterday in the war area. If the Azerbaijanian army is pushing or bombing, she is the risk of meeting these troops and thus raising the reaction of a force that is significantly more powerful than they. That Putin had already reacted when the Azerbaijaners attractively shot a Russian Mi-24 militar helicopter over the official Armenian territory and totled two Russian soldiers, Alijev was able to turn away from apologizing and offered a deceleration immediately. And maybe by inviting himself to the offer of Putin’s.

Very different reactions

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow praised the agreement according to his announcement diplomatically as "Victory of the Volker of both Lander". In the countries itself, the reactions were very different: in the demonstrators occupied by the Armenian capital of Eriwan temporarily, the parliament and skimmed, Minister Prosident Paschinjan is one "Traitor". Pashinjan himself spoke of one "Excessive difficult decision", On which the militar passed, after this "Resources at the end" have been.

In Azerbaijan, the assemblies according to the announcement of the agreement, on the other hand, rather victorious victories. Here, state prassident Alijev praised the ceasefire as the beginning of a "sustainable peace". Similarly, the Turkic Auister Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Azerbaijan "siblings" On Twitter to a "Joyful success […] on the field and at the negotiating table" congratulated.

Suden Azerbaijanisch, North Armenian

The fact that the reactions are so different due to the fact that the Armenian side in the agreement not only accepts a ceasefire line along the areas incorporated in the last six weeks in the Sude mountain carab and the corridor (cf. "Modern weapons and a very high combat spirit"), but also in addition to corridor areas have to sparkle, in which then the Azerbaijanian army feeds: on 15. November is the district Kelbecer Dran, on the 20th. November of the district Agdam, and on the 1. December of the district Lacın. Lacın and the northern Kelbecer in the 1920s to the Autonomous Soviet Kurdish region Kurdistana Sor, in which Kurmandschi was official language. In the 1930s there was an Azerbaijanization policy in which Kurds were partially relocated to Central Asia.

In Lacın, Russian soldiers will control a fun kilometer wide mini corridor between Armenia and Bergkarabakh. So that this corridor does not touch the symbolic and military city of Schuschi, a new strain should be built for that. Azerbaijan promises unmolested Armenian vehicles on this new route in addition to Russian.

Armenia approves the neighboring country the construction of new (and also of Russians guarded) transport links with Postschevan, which drove through Sudarmenia. Postechwan is a Azerbaijanic exclave enclosed by Armenia, Iran and Turkey. Unlike the Armenian Exclave Bergkarabach, in their case, in the 1920s, it was decided that they should also be associated with Azerbaijan without a land connection. In the decades then the proportion of Armenians sank there from about one third to under one percent.

Aliyev’s envision that the Turkey is also allowed to station forest troops in Bergkarabakh, the Kremlin information is not applicable to at least the current agreement. According to Dmitri Peskow, one has so far only to negotiations "Establishment of a center for monitoring the ceasefire on Azerbaijanish area" agreed.

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