Baden-wurttemberg: location decision for ki campus continues to delay

Baden-Wurttemberg: Location decision for Ki campus continues to delay

The decision on the location of a planned innovation park for artificial intelligence (KI) in Baden-Wurttemberg is more committed. Most recently, the CDU-wanted Ministry of Economic Affairs had not held two prospects for a decision – now the authority told DPA request, at least "possible" before the summer break of the cabinet in late July should rule a clarity. An expert jury has a meantime one "clear recommendation" pronounced. On this basis, the Grun-Black Provincial Government should take a decision.

Dates not held

At the end of last year, Minister of Economic Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU) said, in the optimal fall, the decision can fall even before the state election center Marz fall. But this was also nothing like a plan enabled in April, according to which "probably" in the second quarter 2021 a winner should be conceded in the monthly procedure.

The Ministry now shared on request, as it is a rough project Handle, it "On the hand" Located that the decision "Only after the formation of the new state government" became. Father had the "Appointment and organization" a virtual jury meeting with participants from different countries and time zones too "certain delays" guided.

Double-digit million amount

At the heart, the procedure is about which region should get a double-digit million amount of state support for the construction of such a Ki park. In the park, scientists, companies and investors are to be networked and can work under prolonged conditions.

The Ministry has totled the competition procedure in December after the state parliament of the principle of 50 million euros for the project approved. The number of applicants does not provide information. It is known, however, that the regions of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Neckar-Alb – belonged to Tubingen – with a joint initiative involved in the tender. Another interested party is Heilbronn.

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