Baden-wurttemberg: afd group has split up

Baden-Wurttemberg: AFD Group has split up

Baden-Wurttembergischer Landtag. Photo: PJT56. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Majord’s majority explains resignation – Federal Consequences uncertain [update]

At the state election in Baden-Wurttemberg, the alternative for Germany (AFD) from the stand reached a vote of 15.1 percent. The caused Dafur that the party claused in 2013 and in 2015 could move in the first time divided party with 23 deputies in the Stuttgart Landtag.

Similar to the pirates, which celebrated in 2011 and 2012 as a new party elections, a coarse population became known only later that persons were found among the elected candidates on the party lists, the extremist scenes close (cf. Pirates have a few problems less). In the Stuttgart AFD Group, this is necessary not only the Konstanz doctor Wolfgang Gedeon, but other nine deputies, which yesterday took a party cleavage in order to prevent its exclusion from the group.

Faction leader Jorg Meuten had passed on such an exclusion and threatened with his back. A compromise found in June, which provided that Gedeon rests his group membership until three scientific reports are finished who examine his work on anti-Semitism and fuference culture, broke the Sudwest press accordingly, not only at a reference to the state administration that retirement of the group membership is not legally provided, but also that no three well-known scientists or institutes wanted to write the expertise.

JF: Deputy wanted Holocaust denier as a reviewer – [Update: Deputy Demented]

Other reports suggest that the deputies may not agree on the experts: the Young freedom According to the Gedeon support and "Hypno coach" Stefan Rapple (which was not reachable for an opinion) even the Holocaust denier Gerard Menuhin as a reviewer proposed and contacted, which was perceived by other faction members as extreme provocation. The son of the famous Judian Geiger Yehudi Menuhin had in his book Tell the Truth Shame the devil written: "The Holocaust is the big lug of history. Germany has no fault on World War II and Adolf Hitler was the only statesman in the world that could save the world from the Plutocratic-Judian danger to free the underjoined planet again."

[Update :: On the 11th. July – six days after the request – Rapple called Telepolis back and shared, he has not requested a report by Menuhin. The presentation in the Young freedom Be inaccurate and he will proceed legally, which is why he would not give any further information.]

After yesterday morning, genton from the group eliminated, the necessary two-thirds majority missed, declared Meutes and 12 other deputies at a press conference at 4 pm their exit from the AFD Group, which now only consists of ten deputies – Four more than for a faction formation is notative. Meuten and his Zwolf young people want to remain in the AfD as a party, but in the state parliament to a new faction, the "Definitely anti-Semitism" should be. Whether there may be two factions of a party, is currently undergraded by the Landtags Jurists.

Federal Consequences uncertain

The parliamentary fission could also have federal impacts: Already in advance she had led to a public dispute between the Deputy Corporate Spokesman Alexander Gaul country and his supervisor Frauke Petry: During Gauleand Gentonon demanded and meant that it did not need to be a report to that in his work To recognize anti-Semitism as such, Petry threw her with the Federal Speaker Muthen, one "Ordered and serious form of clearing" bypass.

The Baden-Wurttemberg AfD program coordinator Marc Jongen had in a longest text numerous quotes from Gedeon’s work, which indicate a rather problematic world view. In his opinion, he noticed that due to flat and unjustified unprecedented premieges in the past, he had to be skeptical in the past if such pre-yields become loud, but came after one "Look at the writings" The result that they apply to Gedeon, even if the deputy abstrits this (cf. AfD: anti-Semitismussflieit goes into the relocation).

This background will let it seem possible that the AFD is cleaved again not only in the Stuttgart Landtag, but also nationwide again. The fact that the Meuthen flight after the Bernd-Lucke Party Alfa closed last year is unlikely, but is unlikely to be unlikely as the personal relations between Gauland, Lucke and other persons should be rushed than it’s end of the 1990s between Oskar Lafontaine and the Team Gerhard Schroder were. Another possibility is that Gauland and Muthen prevail nationwide and reach the Gedeon’s avalanche on the basis of another party.

Petry announced after yesterday’s Sklat on Facebook, you will drive personal to Stuttgart "To talk to the entire AFD Group", in order to "A conflict that has been in a landline group, not to the fate of the AFD." The remainder of the AFD Federal Board published one without participation Petry’s explanatory explanation in which it is called, one "disapproving […] the decision of those members of the AFD Group in the state parliament of Baden-Wurttemberg, which have prevented the exclusion of Wolfgang Genton from the group [on a sharpest]", because these members "the whereabouts of a Member in the [Accept] Group, whose writings are clearly antisemitic statements". As a representative of the AFD in the state parliament of Baden-Wurttemberg you can recognize "from now on" only "Jorg Meuten and the deputies [An] who would like to."

[Update: Meanwhile, Gedeon has explained his exit from the group in the presence of Petry and Journalists themselves. Petry’s Buro said, now "The cleavage of the AFD Group in Baden-Wurttemberg [yet]". As Meuten sees that, is still open: after all, the advances showed that there were other problematic people in the group next to Gedeon.]

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