Auto club europa e.v. (Ace) – germany’s second largest automobile club

Drivers who travel a lot by car are well advised to join an automobile club. Find out here what the ACE e.V. what services are offered to you and how much the membership will cost you.

A man has a car breakdown and calls the breakdown service of ACE e.V

Automobile clubs have existed almost as long as there have been motor vehicles. In 1897, the Mitteleuropaischer Motorenwagenverein (Central European Motor Car Association) was founded, the first automobile club in Germany – Carl Benz, Rudolf Diesel and Gottlieb Daimler sat on the committee. The original and still valid idea of the Automobile Club is to represent the interests of road users. In the meantime, vehicle owners have a relatively wide choice as far as the various clubs are concerned.

1. Structure and history of the automobile club ACE e.V.

The history of the Auto Club Europa e.V. begins in the mid-1960s, when it was founded by trade unions in the DGB in 1965. With the chairmen Kurt Heinemann and Gerhard Kugoth the association grows in only a few years to the second largest automobile club in Germany and in 1974 already counts 400.000 members. Since the early 1990s, people in need of help have also been provided with air rescue services. Since 1995, the ACE e.V. also to motorists who have no connection with the union. Since 1999 the ACE is also represented online.

Hundreds of employees ensure that ACE members are provided with satisfactory service in all their needs. In addition, the automobile club cooperates with law firms and garages, so that a competent help is guaranteed. The association counts more than 630.000 active members; through the comprehensive protection of the family, a total of over one million people are covered by the ACE e.V. in Germany. The automobile club with headquarters in Stuttgart is divided into six regions, which in turn are divided into 220 district clubs: North, East, Central, Southwest, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria.

2. The Automobile Club ACE e.V. and its services

A hotline employee makes a phone call

A hotline employee makes a phone call

Members in the ACE e.V. benefit from a wide range of automotive services. The core area of the club includes the Breakdown and accident assistance. In addition, Auto Club Europa offers services in the areas of law, travel and vacations, as well as service and advice on emergencies, illness and death. With the club magazine “ACE Lenkrad”, the automobile club informs its members monthly about topics related to automobility and reaches a circulation of 603.727 units (IVW, 2/2018).

Even if no direct help is needed, membership in the automobile club offers Advantages. For example, you get some car insurance at cheaper rates, have price advantages for car sharing and pay less admission for Museums and adventure parks like the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Thanks to numerous partnerships with companies, further Benefits to the member. Examples include buying a new car, purchasing vignettes or snow chains.

The benefits are characterized by their scope, so that both the vehicle owner and his family are protected at home and abroad. With the ACE app, which was launched in 2013, you contact the ACE emergency call, look for gas stations, check the traffic situation and have the most important information on what to do in case of an accident at a glance.

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What is my car worth?

What is my car worth?

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3. Accidents and breakdowns at home and abroad – the ACE e.V. helps

Graphic of an SOS emergency call point

Graphic of an SOS emergency call point

In the event of breakdowns and accidents, all it takes is a quick call and help is on the spot within a short time. Did you explicitly ask for Help from the ACE asked, the operation remains free of charge for you. In all other cases, the Auto Club Europa e.V. costs incurred are covered, even retrospectively, up to 120 euros.

If it is necessary for the car to be recovered or towed away, ACE covers the costs for 75 kilometers of domestic and 100 kilometers of international travel to the nearest repair shop. You will be provided with a rental car in case of breakdown, accident or even theft further than 50 kilometers from home. In addition one Assistance with repair costs in the event of marten bites, glass breakage damage, damage caused by game and other damage.

However, the service not only includes assistance abroad in the event of breakdowns and accidents, but also covers legal information, return trips by rail (1. class) and airplane at a residential distance of more than 1.200 kilometers, vehicle checks or the shipment of medicines abroad a.

4. The prices for a membership at ACE e.V.

The ACE e.V. is characterized by a good price-performance ratio out, which is why vehicle owners looking for an alternative to the market leader will find what they’re looking for here. Not only the member is fully covered by this automobile club with an annual contribution of 68.60 euros, but also his family. In addition to this basic tariff, which includes domestic and international protection and benefits of all kinds, there is the option of further additional bookings. Thus, the ACE also offers traffic legal protection and corporate memberships.

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