Austria plant migration summit

Austria Plant Migration Summit

Christian Kern on the weekend with Angela Merkel at Meseberg Castle. Photo: Andy Wenzel / Federal Chancellery Austria

Representatives of the Balkan routes Lander should meet in September – Doskozil criticizes German Chancellor

After a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the weekend, her east-rich office colleague Christian Kern announced, inviting the CDU politician and representatives of the Balkan Routenlanders Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece to a migration summit to Vienna, who there after informal EU Brexit Summit on 16. September should take place. Whether in addition to represent representatives of further countries, is not fixed yet.

In advance, core demanded in an interview with the small newspaper that migrants that are taken over in the Mediterranean, no longer to Italy or Greece, but in "Safe country of origin" spend. To do this, the EU should set up admission centers in North Africa. That, so core, be "maybe not always easy, but justifiable". "Discounted boats" or "People to leave their fate" He is against it "not compatible with the European value cannon". At the same time, the EU and in countries like Niger and Mali with financial transfers ensure that the infrastructures and living standards improve.

"Mabbectic European Turkish Interest Union"

With regard to the reception of Turkey, Brussel Kern’s view must be clear that a joining of the country has been entangled Lander such as Austria, because unemployment through the immigration from the Eastern European member countries despite 1.3 percent more jobs already rising. As the rule of law and political culture in Turkey suffered from the rule of AKP, core recommends "Mabbectic European Turkish Interests Union (ETI)" – A concept that the Customs Union of 1996 was expanded on agricultural products, coal and steel and according to the press come from the OVP.

An OVP integration concept has now officially forwarded AUBE and Integration Minister Sebastian to his head of government. It provides, among other things, that the "Demand-oriented minimum protection" will be paid on migrants only after several years of stay and that they are obliged to accept new-euro jobs and waive advertising for salafism as well as full-handling. Full winding ban and work obligation).

Before the meeting of the core and Merkel, the Spo Defense Minister Hans-Peter Doskozil had criticized in the Kronen Zeitung that the German Chancellor her "We make it"-Slogan in July 2016 credited instead of the "Right teaching […] From the passes in 2015" to draw and to change their policy. The slogan is according to the Social Democrats "Attraction factor for escape movements to Europe" and also wrong, as you can see in Milan, where in the middle of the city tents are being built. "Austria", Such the Minister of Defense, "Is not the waiting room for Germany"." Core designated doskozils exercises as "realistic", but scanning, he was "Do not believe that Mrs Merkel acted irresponsible".

Hofer praises doskozil, short and sobota

DaSkozil – as well as the OVP Minister Sebastian short and Wolfgang Sobotka – was praised by the FPO Federal Presidential Candidate Norbert Hofer. He said in terms of proposals of the three for the growth of the migration crisis, these ministers made one "good job" and he hopes he with them "be well cooperated". Unlike van der Bennen he wool no party from the government formation, but "Respect democratic decisions" and the order to do so "Electoral winner" To give. He liked it "out of the Hofburg [and] to the people" and his New Year’s Prominages in a retirement home and hold on a farm.

For the Easter-Rich Grununen, which Hofer’s competitor Alexander van der Bennen Lange Board, you are currently focusing on "Hate Speech": After Federal Chief Eva Glawischnigg on 3. August presented a plan of her party, which provides for a new paragraph 115a to be included in the Easter Penal Code with which "Insulting, hospital and sexual posts" With up to six months of imprisonment of imprisonment, the party now has the FPO National Council Group on 19.620 euros sued because a commentator on their website expressed his opinion on the Green Members of Harald Walser in rather Derber form.

A current gall-of survey suggests that the strategy Hofers arrives better in the Easter-rich electives than the grunes: after that, the liberal in the mean with six points leads away from van der Bennen. Before the first run-off of the postal election payment for irregularities in the post-election payment in May, Gallup had seen both candidates practically equal. Four percent of the survey participants indicate, on the 2. October definitely a different candidate to elect than in May. Further two percent want this possible. Particularly high is the proportion of elsewheels with 26 percent in the appendages of the Christian Democratic OVP, which had voted in the first run-off of the Bellen.

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