Atomull fund: 54 percent of federal territory in the further selection

Atomull Fund: 54 percent of federal territory in the further selection

The federal company for support now has its "Interim Report Subariages" for the search for a repository for atommult in Germany. In 194.157 km2 as geologically appropriate areas, which are 54 percent of the country’s area of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The BGE report first lists all regions in Germany, "the favorable geological conditions for the safe disposal of radioactive waste", This is how the corresponding law writes. That’s why there are quite many and partly quite rough areas. In the coming years, the partial areas of location regions are selected, which are explored in more detail. Some of them are then researched.

The repository should be underground in salt, sound or crystalline, so especially granite,. 2031 The location should be found, from 2050 retainers should be stored underground with radiant waste underground. The nationwide end-bearing acquisition was launched in the face of decades of stylish resistance against the late 1970s, the location in Lower Sachsian Gorleben.

Host rock

With host rock tone rocks are in the interim report nine subarines with a flat of 129.639 km2, they are mostly located in the north of the Republic. For the host rock stone salt, a total of 74 subareas with a flat of 30.450 km2 are shown. "Of these there are 60 subarines in steeply stone salt formations 14 subareas in stratiforms, so shallow rock salt formations", I am in the interim report. In the crystalline host rock – predominantly in the south – a total of seven partial areas with a flat of 80.786 km2 are determined.

Atomull Fund: 54 percent of federal territory in the further selection

The expiration of the final storage search.

A location is not yet pre-fixed. In the coming months and years, the possible locations are further limited by further criteria – such as the population density – are considered.

Six AKW are still in Germany

Atomull Fund: 54 percent of federal territory in the further selection

Since Marz 1984, block C of the AKW in Bavarian Gundremmingen is in operation. Block A was in operation from 1967 to 1977. The block B gone in 1984 was on 31. December 2017 turned off, block C – also put into operation in 1984 – should follow 2021.

Gorleben is no longer in question as a location, was known in advance. This has arise after geoscientific demonstration criteria according to § 24 Stagag. "The existing knowledge of the Salzstock Gorleben is roughly rough due to the years of view as a potential repository site and the research operated in the context", it is called in the report. In the evaluation of the Gorleben site by the BGE, however, the present information was used only insofar as they were used to assess the Salzstock Gorleben-Rambow and others or the host rock salt in steep storage at the current state of the location selection procedure.

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