At least 100 million windows 7 pcs on the net

At least 100 million Windows 7 PCs on the net

At the 14th. January 2020 extended mainstream support for Windows 7 ran out, over ten years after the publication of this operating system. Thus, there are no safety or feature updates for private users. Nevertheless, just under a year later, it is still gross popularity, as a look at the evaluation of the StatCounter shows.

At least 100 million Windows 7 PCs on the net

Windows 7 ran in December to about 18 percent of StatCounter Windows PCs.

Thus, although there are almost 76 percent of the powered Windows 10, Windows 7, but is about 18 percent in second place. That amazes something, especially since Microsoft offers the upgrade to Windows 10 still free of charge, although the company is no longer awarded. On the other hand, the latest Windows output has a bad reputation in some users, for example because it collects data in the background and strongly urges a Microsoft account.

Windows 8 and 8.1 According to StatCounter, according to about 5 percent, while Windows XP is only valid to 0.8 percent of the detected devices. Only rarer is only Windows Vista with 0.4 percent.

Another perspective on these numbers offers the United States Government Digital Analytics Program, which evaluates to visit us web pages. One of the possible filters is the Windows version used. Thus, 18.9 percent of surfers used Windows 7 and 75.8 percent Windows 10. Based on Microsoft’s indication that about 1.5 billion users use Windows, this means that at least 100 million there are still on Windows 7.

Player Moge Windows 10

According to the evaluation of the Game Platform Steam, the distribution is a bit different: During almost 96 percent of users playing under Windows, Windows 10 comes to a user share of 88.6 percent. Windows 7 makes only 5.4 percent. Here, it is believed that Microsoft DirectX 12 first brought out only for Windows 10. Only in Marz 2019 followed DirectX 12 for Windows 7.

At least 100 million Windows 7 PCs on the net

According to Steam Survey, only just under 6 percent of users play under Windows 7.

The proportion of other Windows versions is steam not even 1.7 percent – more than Linux (0.9 percent), but only about half as much as Macos (3.37 percent).

In the company not dead yet

If it depends on the private environment, especially by personal preferences, whether you switch to Windows 10, it looks different in business. Some companies are resistant or universities are forced to continue using an old Windows version due to compatibility requirements.

For this trap, Microsoft offers the so-called Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows 7 until 2023. However, this can be quite expensive, because the ESUS will be calculated per Windows computer and the prices doubles every year. From January 2021, Microsoft requires approximately a system with Windows 7 Enterprise 50 US dollars; Windows 7 Pro costs 90 dollars support. The steadily rising costs were allowed to take perspective for the fact that further coarse customers of Windows 7 say goodbye.

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