Astian translate: open source translations in nine languages

Astian Translate: Open source translations in nine languages

With Translate publishes Astian a new translation service that appears as a free software. The program can handle nine languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arab and Chinese. The automatic detection of the input is still experimental.

Try it allows users to service on the Astian-operated, however, the software can be deployed on its own server. The associated API can be found on GitHub, including a manual for setting up and configuring. However, the Astian server is intended for testing purposes.

Kunftig not only as a single service

Under the hood, the service is based on Argos Translate. The free translation software can be used directly as a desktop application or Python library. Astian plans to integrate Translate into its other open source projects such as the Browser Midori or its own cloud platform.

All information about Translate can be found in the envision of the project. The Translate API is under the AGPL 3.0, Argos Translate under the with license. Provider such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon also offer translation services, which are a proprietary software. AWS sees his assisted Ki, for example, as fit enough for the call center use.

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