As a next with crew? – successful space flight at blue origin

As a next with crew? - Successful space flight at Blue Origin

The US space company Blue Origin has now also included an astronauts and an astronaut in another test of its space capsule. In the flight into all, however, the two were not on board, they sat only before the start and after landing in the capsule to take part in test methods different procedures.

The successful test is another step on the way to manned flight, exploring the company of Amazon-Grunder Jeff Bezos. When the first one could take place, but did not share it. The speech was merely soon. CNBC had already reported in January that the following start could be so far.

As a next with crew? - Successful space flight at Blue Origin

Already taken place, but before the start it went out again.

Lots of test flowing

Blue Origin has been testing for those missiles and capsules since 2015, which will soon be able to push space tourists over the internationally defined border of space. Passengers and passengers should experience weightlessness for several minutes and can look them out of gross windows on the spherical shape of the earth. Overall, there is room for six people, a crew will not exist on the flight. On a parachute, the capsule decreases again to earth and should be used again and again. A ticket for such a flight should at least 200.000 US dollars cost, had it already in 2018.

The now facilitated youngest test flight was "NS-15", So the FUNFZEVEVE since recording the sample loose, which are almost completely without failing. Only at the first flight in early 2015, the rocket was destroyed, but the capsule also landed safely then. After the successful test flight NS-15, the first manned start could follow now and when everything goes well, an ARA of comparatively broad space tourism start. Blue Origin is not the only company that wants to make money, but after re-jerking at the competitor Virgin Galactic probably that, which is most farthest in these comparatively favorable flights. Spacex of Elon Musk soon wants to fly tourists to all, but at very different prices and much long.

As a next with crew? - Successful space flight at Blue Origin

The dummy "Mannequin skywalker" Can the prospect already be added.

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