Apple vs. Epic: apple against app store regulation – nothing about ios is essential

Apple vs. Epic: Apple against App Store Regulation - Nothing about iOS is essential

Apple tries to create a core allegation of the action of Epic Games from the world, the iOS to one "Essential infrastructure" should explain. as "public supply" Could the operating system or access to the App platform be regulated according to state and Apple had to access third access.

Smartphones as an app platform – essentially or not?

Epic has no evidence in the current process can be proved that IOS is an essential infrastructure, it is called in Apple’s entry to the court. The Group now called on the judge to decide on Apple’s favor in this point (file number 4: 20-CV-05640, United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division).

As a proprietary and patent-protected operating system KONNE iOS are not considered as an essential infrastructure, Apple’s lawsal in the input argue. Who develops his own operating system, thirst will not be forced to give public access. Epics case just show that "Nothing is essential to iOS", Finally, the game Fortnite has already been a success in other platforms before the App Store debut and the Fortnite outward throw through Apple did not drive EPIC into the ruin.

Access to the iPhone Only Uber Apple’s App Store

Even if IOS was classified as an essential basic supply, Apple still pretend rules, so the lawsal – even under the Essential Facilities Doctrin Make competitors do not have free and unpaid access to his ownership. And developers also had access to iOS, Apple realized, they only had to follow the contractual guidelines.

The question of whether the two dominant smartphone platforms are to be classified as Android and iOS as an essential infrastructure, also staff regulatory abuses in several countries. EU Competition Commission Margrethe Vestager explained Apple young to the monopolist, the investigation of the Commission, "that users of Apple advice of this brand remain very faithful and not so easy to change to another brand" – Accordingly, there is no other way for developers than the App Store to achieve these users.

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