Apple’s tilted billions tax payment: eu commission awards verdict

Apple's tilted billions tax payment: EU Commission awards verdict

The gross tax dispute between the European Commission and Apple will be continued: the judgment in the past summer, which has tipped the billions of taxes against Apple in Ireland, must be repealed, it is rejected in a Monday in the Official Journal of the European Union. which the European Commission has already filed last fall.

Commission sees "Multiple legal defects"

The EU court has his verdict "Multiple legal defects committed" and "contradict himself in his burial", Does it be in the document now provided to Case C-465/20 P: "The court does not take place to the establishment and content of the decision and the explanations in the fonts of the Commission. This is a procedural error", argues the EU Commission.

According to the EU Commission, the iPhone Group has over years "Inadmissible state aid" received from Ireland and paid so too little taxes, Apple had to pay a subsequent payment of Uber 13 billion euros to Ireland. Both Apple and Ireland showed the back and went against the decision. The EU court in Luxembourg tilted the tax recovery in July 2020 – around four years after the decree. For the Commission, this was also a significant juxtapy in the many years of disputes with individual member countries such as Luxembourg for tax conditions for companies – accordingly, the Commission has already been expected to contradict.

Apple points to taxation in the USA

Ultimately, the procedure is about the question of where corporate profits must be taxed. From the point of view of the EU Commission, Apple ordered its appreciation only management seats existing on paper to pay rather than taxes in Europe. Apple argued the Irish daughter Apple Sales International (ASI) was only stated in the distribution of advice from the Group outside the home market – while the actual values in the US have been created. After a tax reform of the Government Trump, Apple brought back his immense foreign fluids around three years ago into the United States and paid almost 38 billion US dollars.

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