Apple preserves icloud backups only six months

Apple preserves iCloud backups only six months

ICLOUD backups are limited by Apple only limited: half a year after the last data backup of an iPhone or iPad, its backups automatically disappear and apparently even without warning of Apple’s servers, as users complain. This does not only affect iCloud free users, but also paying subscribers from iCloud storage space.

Note in iCloud Terms of Use

The limit is not new, but it seems largely unknown: in iOS or iPados, there are up to the current version 13.5.1 No indication of the limited backup storage duration. Apple notes the circumstance in the fine print of support documents as well as in the ICloud Terms of Use, but only a fraction of users have ever studied. "If no data backup in iCloud has been made by a device hundredite (180) days, Apple resides the right to release any backups associated with this device", it’s been in the wording.

The problem becomes the automatic dropout of iCloud backups, if, for example, between sales and buying an iPhone or iPad more than half a year: The planned restoration of the new device from the ICloud backup of the old one is then no longer possible, like one Tidbits-Reader challenged, who had booked 200 GB of iCloud storage space at Apple. Even users who periodically disable their iCloud backup to save space, should keep the limit in mind: If the backup is deactivated later than 180 days, the last applied is lost.

Local backup as an alternative

In addition to device settings, ICLOUD backup also secures important personal data such as photos and videos, text messages, health data and documents created with apps. Users who use more iCloud services such as iCloud photos and messages in iCloud can continue to access their data via these services, many apps are connected to their own cloud solutions.

As an alternative to iCloud backup, iPhone and iPad users remain to create a local backup with iTunes on a Windows PC or Mac – it can also be taken. From Macos Catalina 10.15 If the data backup via the Finder.

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