Apple: more production in vietnam and india

Apple: more production in vietnam and india

iPhones, iPads and Macs not final assembled in China could become a highly visible part of Apple’s supply chain in the future. This also applies to accessories such as the AirPods, some of which already come from Vietnam. As the Japanese business daily Nikkei According to the latest reports, Apple is pursuing a broader strategy that will weaken the company’s central location in China.

Latest iPhones from India

According to the article, the first iPads from Vietnam will arrive in 2021, probably in the middle of the year. At the same time in India the already running iPhone production for the local market will be increased. Instead of old models, brand-new iPhone 12 devices are to roll off the production line there for the first time this quarter. Apple initially struggled to ramp up manufacturing in India due to bureaucratic hurdles. But these now seem to have been overcome. The Group will also be rewarded for this with growth in the market.

First smaller devices, then larger ones

Production of the HomePod mini smart speaker is already underway in Vietnam, where the popular AirPods are also already being manufactured. Vietnam will definitely become a Mac location, the contract manufacturer Foxconn from Taiwan has just invested 270 million US dollars in the expansion of a factory. iPhone sales doubled in the fourth quarter on the subcontinent – even if they started at a low level. According to Counterpoint and CyberMedia, Apple now holds at least a four percent market share – in a country flooded with cheap Android devices.

New Malaysia location

A so far unknown new Apple location is Malaysia. Apple has relocated parts of the Mac mini production there, writes Nikkei. The group is looking for more supplier diversity for several reasons. On the one hand, there were partial supply delays within China due to the coronavirus pandemic. Second, the company continues to fear political turmoil between the U.S. and the Middle Kingdom, which has been allowed to continue under the new Biden administration. However, it will take time before manufacturing outside of China is truly competitive: Apple, for example, employs over a million workers in the country at Foxconn alone.

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