Apple also offers touch id keypad individually

Apple also offers touch ID keypad individually

So far, the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID was a very exclusive product: only owners of an iMac M1 could order the practical hardware. For these, there were two versions with and without numbers of numbers – as well as a parish matching to the ordered iMac M1 itself. Now Apple has bothered and also offers the gates to the purchase. That had already been expected of observers.

Unfortunately not in colorful

The Group also delivers two versions here. For those without numbers block 159 euros to be paid; For those with numerical block equal to 185 euros. In addition to the German layout, various others are available – from Arabic over Norwegian to Turkish. The hook on the thing: Apple sells the hardware in a single color: silver-woman. The many colorful Tones of the IMAC M1 – a total of seven on the number – still only with the all-in-one-Mac. So who, for example, has grabbed the wrong keyboard groove and now wanted to buy the correct now, literally leaves Apple’s fine color scheme. Apple had previously taken spacegrau peripherals from the offer.

Nothing with Intel Macs

Another disadvantage of the touch ID keyboards: The function of the fingerprint sensor is currently only available for Apple-Silicon Macs. Intel machines control the coupling currently not – whether Apple presents this by software update remains unclear. (How to bind a touch ID keyboard to a new Mac, read in the new Mac I notebook.To)

Other accessories too "New"

In addition to the touch ID keyboards, Apple also titled his well-known Peripherate Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad "New" – and the regular Magic Keyboard without touch ID. This is now always included Lightning-on-USB C cable. The prices are at 85 (mouse), 109 (keyboard) or 135 (trackpad) Euro. The availability also the touch ID keyboards is quite short-term, partly you are in two days with the purchaser if you are sophisticated today.

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