App store: apple updated developer conditions

App Store: Apple updated developer conditions

Apple has partly mitigated its app store conditions and partly encouraged. This is from a change catalog that the official app Store Review Guidelines matched the new operating system versions that will appear in autumn.

Lighter contact

The overworked guidelines include more than a dozen areas. They also drove a simplified process with which developers can complain about Apple if they are wrongly treated. If you contact Apple on the worst way, you can now specifically specify as a developer that you have received a faulty decision. This applies approximately to apps that were rejected by bias about political nature.

You can contact the so-called app review board directly that works with problem traps. In addition, it is now easier to report problematic apps of other developers if they have one "Trust Or Safety IE" represent, ie should be blocked for safety reasons or due to fraudulent intentions.

Hookup, cannabis and drinking games

Among other things, the changed rules affect so-called hookup apps, which could facilitate prostitution. This wants to recommend Apple to art; Also because they could contain pornography. Advanced rules clear that the manipulation of app store features such as reviews or download charts in the context of the "Code of Conduct" are forbidden and apps that receive many user complaints can fall out of this.

Troubleshooting that serve security, Apple wants to do no longer break out, even if an app breaks the App Store rules. Applications that are used to report criminal activities, must always be able to adhere to oriental police cases and can only be offered in the respective countries where they can be used – not worldwide. There were also on legal cannabis apps, drinking games and the sale of digital vouchers – from the latter wants to see Apple’s commission and you always have to be sold on the in-app mechanism.

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