App store: apple ranges digital tax to developers

With reference to new digital taxes shortly Apple the elaborate for app developers: For sale in France and Italy, the iPhone Group now attracts a digital tax in a total of 3 percent of the sales price each, in addition to the total value added tax rate, in the Great Britain, is 2 percent. Apple retains up to 30 percent commission from the remaining net amount, the remainder is ied to developers.

VAT reduction not passed on to end customers

For the time being, developers receive some higher payouts for app sellers, as Apple considered the VAT recorded from 19 percent to 16 percent since July, as the Group announced in a newsletter to developers. Digital tax is not falling in Germany so far.

The prices, the end customers ultimately pay for subscriptions and purchases in the App Store, do not other in Germany, Italy, France and the Great Britain, as the iPhone Group notes. The VAT reduction in Germany also does not give Apple to its own services to the customers, the prices – for example for Apple music subscriptions or icloud storage space – have not changed so far.

Digital tax remains controversial

As an idea behind the digital tax, IT giants like Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook should also pay taxes whereververs. Individual countries have now introduced such a levy, but the introduction was failed at EU level. The digital tax is often called taxation of "Big Tech" designated, writes "Financial Times" Correspondent Tim Bradhaw, actually it be "The little ones, which ultimately occur". Google also requested prices in several countries on his advertising platform, like the Financial Times Reported, the digital tax is transferred there to advertisers.

Apple also wants to take into account a new digital tax of 7.5 percent for app sales in Turkey, but also – in addition to Mexico, Chile and Saudi Arabia – the price levels are adapted, the developers can choose from selling their apps elections.

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