Alignment: us secret court reprimands fbi again because of serious abuse

Alignment: US secret court reprimands FBI again because of serious abuse

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) rugs again full of worry the FBI because it "in the rough style" Rules to protect the privacy of US Curgers injured. Nevertheless, the US court acting under strict secrecy approves the application of the statutory clause in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) for mass monitoring.

In a FISC judgment from 18 released now with essions to the publication. November 2020, the Chairman Judge James Boasberg pays several cases in which FBI agents were unlawful for information about Americans in e-mails, which the National Security Agency (NSA) previously charged without individual judge permits. Due to the new examples, the judge underpins a repeated problem, which he had already addressed in early decisions (see FBI agents abuse tens of thousand subjects).

Even ordered craftsmen are monitored

An employee of a FBI-Aubenburos has carried out 124 queries from April to July 2019 124 using personal uses that did not meet the standards. These were, for example, persons who at the "Burger academy" of the FBI more about the role of federal law enforcement authorities. For this purpose, burgers who were presented in FBI departments to perform repairs and to display crimes.

From August to October 2019, an FBI working group leader in another Buro should have performed another 69 inadmissible queries. Other reported clarifications involved fahnegers who endowed the query of FISA raw data for inadequate purposes such as emergency queries.

The FBI should have tried to become the problem Lord. The police worker wanted to loudly "New York Times" New system protection measures imports and employees better schools. The coronavirus pandemic but initially prevented the investigators prevented whether the approach is gripping. Nevertheless, Judge Boasberg was ready to give the NSA monitoring program the statutory assessment that all in principle struggle-compliant drain. The domestic intelligence service can expand the accumulated powers so another year.

Massenubery monitoring with legal basis

The verdict is about arrangements according to paragraph 702 FISA. The last beginning of 2018 langed in the Law of International Listing Law allows the NSA to request e-mails and other data from its customers from national companies, officials and facilities such as telecommunications providers or libraries. The CIA, the National Counterterrorism Center and the FBI also have limited access to the information channels.

The FBI preserves copies of intercepted messages from and to target persons, which consider it relevant to current investigations on national security. The volume is about 3.6 percent of the selectors of the NSA, explained a senior FBI official media representatives on Monday.

"Section 702" FISA was together with paragraph 215 of the Patriot Act, which of the US Congress with the "USA Freedom Act" Already in 2015 for the first time and previous year again revised again, with the Snowden enthusiasts in the light of openness. The clause serves the NSA as the legal basis for the far-reaching monitoring programs Prism and Upstream, with which the intelligence service mass-based data from internet companies or fiberglass lines, including submissive cable, procured. The prerequisite is alone a general permission of the FISC. The NSA initially held its own barriers after public criticism, which should prevent extreme all-round monitoring.

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