Alien search: seti researchers examine mysterious signal from proxima centauri

Alien search: SETI researchers examine mysterious signal from Proxima Centauri

Researchers in the SETI project Breakthrough lists have found a mysterious signal that seems to come from the Proxima Centauri system, sun-tiled star. This reports the Guardian citing an unnamed astronomer. Because this information came to the public in advance, there is little more details and the exam is not yet completed. Together two scientific magazines, participating scientists have confirmed the report but.

It is therefore an excerpt narrowband signal at a frequency of almost exactly 982 megahertz. After present understanding, the only source of technology is in question, explained Andrew Siemion from the University of California, Berkeley, the Scientific American.

"The most exciting signal"

The discovery was therefore carried out under the 2015 project Breakthrough lists, which is funded by the Israeli-Russian billionar Yuri Milner. Involved researchers can pay in the framework under other observation time to telescopes to search for traces of aiberian intelligence (search for extraterrestrial intelligence or seti). Like the magazine Scientific American now writes, the park’s observatory in Australia had on 29. April 2019 observations by Proxima Centauri carried out. At the star, who is the next time, two exoplanets have been discovered so far. In the data collected at the end of April 2019, the Ratsy Signal has been discovered by a student in October of this year. Since then it will be analyzed.

"This is the most exciting signal we have discovered in the project Breakthrough lists", Arrange Sofia Sheikh from Penn State University the discovery. She has led the analysis. Because in advance no signal has such many exclusion filters skipped. Internally, the signal now BLC1 for "Breakthrough Lists Candidate 1". As you sudden to Scientific American, the telescope saw the signal only when it was directed directly towards Proxima Centauri. This makes an earthly source or a satellite pretty unlikely. Nevertheless, the researchers expect that there is an explanatory impact on us humans – Breakthrough, for example, see the probability of 99.9 percent.

As the US magazine is writing further, even Milner himself ames that the exempt analysis will demand an explanation that will not be back on Aubertird intelligence. There are still some other special features: so you have found no traces of a modulation that could point out an information transfer. In addition, the frequency is easy to increase, while you actually expect exactly the opposite. At the same time, successors with the Parkes Observatory have not found the signal again. For Sheikh, this is currently the most exciting unclear signal since WOW!-Signal from the year 1977. Of course, continuing, "There are never aliens", she says. But actually the sentence is read: "There were never Aliens yet."

Criticism of Leak, speculation about Aliens

In the reports, it is now also pointed out that astronomy takes place in a sea of signals and there are always phanomena that are not initially not explained by earthly technique or reproduces processes. He also explains the expectation that an explanation will find himself, which does not require aiberiant intelligence. Not of the participants, but of not dealing with this discovery scientists, therefore, there is also criticism of the leak, which caused the information to the public without the analysis could be completed. In addition, the researchers have been taken to imagine their discovery themselves, writes the astronomer Jason Wright.

Wright also focuses on whether it was not a much unlikely random when the first signal was discovered by Auberrish Intelligences at the star, which is the next. He stopped the opposite for quite possibly possible, Proxima Centauri could therefore even be the only star from which such signals come. The explanatory approach behind it compares a possible galaxy communication network with our mobile network: instead of every mobile phone, our mobile phone also contact the mobile radio mast. A communication of Proxima Centauri was therefore able to contact the direct contact on the last mile. But that’s natural pure speculation. The analysis to the BLC1 will want the researchers involved at the beginning of 2021.

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