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“. But during the test drives, Aldi’s navigation device overtakes Lidl’s MyGuide: the position information to an accuracy of 30 meters is significantly more precise than Lidl’s. Navigation is even more reliable, route planning and navigation is comfortable. . “

“good” (82%)

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“Inexpensive and with TMC? Can be recommended with a clear conscience!”

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Money back!

  • Advantages: Price

I have been waiting since 8.4.10 (today is the 10.5.10) on refund of 599,00 euro. I always get put off, phone calls are too expensive. Quite Unversamt and the nerves no one can pay. I also say never again Medion!

Navi 96900

  • Disadvantages: Does not find GPS reception

aldi because.

  • Advantages: accurate, easy to use
  • Disadvantages: short battery life
  • Suitable for: Car

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Suitable for Car
Traffic info TMC
Suitable for car available
Traffic information via TMC Available

Further information about the topic Aldi / Medion MD96900 can be found directly from the manufacturer at aldi-nord.find en.

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Two new features for Navigon Navis make every car ride in the future an educational experience. The Sightseeing function, which was copied or adopted from the Merian navigation systems, provides additional information and photos of a place of interest in an extra window whenever the journey takes you past it. So on a trip across Europe – the database includes about 6.200 points of interest from 18 countries – gradually fill gaps in education – or just enjoy the guide info for entertainment.

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