Airpods max: report users condensation problem

AirPods Max: Report Users Condensation Problem

User on Twitter and other forums report on problems with the brand new Apple High-End Headhorists. The wireless bauble head horizers of the new range airpods max for the price of 600 euros can therefore form condensation in their interior under certain circumstances. This can then be seen if you decrease the removable upholstery over the ear cups.

No high humidity

Twitter users Donald Filimon wrote, for example, with him "Longer use" occurred. He has in an environment with high humidity "never" emotionally. The water is therefore collecting in the field of drivers. Direct "Problems with ear detection". The AirPods Max have sensors that recognize the acceptance of the ear cups and then stop the music or start. According to Filimon, he has his airpods max in indoor space especially "while sitting at the desk" used, "Nothing-cured".

Another Twitter user confirmed the problem, with him it occurred after a 40-minute walk in the open or after looking at a meticulous film. Apple seems to be backed by affected devices, with most customers currently being able to fall under the regular 14-day backfage phase anyway.

Cold metal meets warm environment

The airpods max are mainly made of metal. Condensation problems are physically depending on the room climate and humidity quite normal, if warm air hits cold metal. Apple also recommends the gates for use in sports – as well as the stoppit variants of the airpods. However, that condensation water can occur at regular use, it was possible to talk that there is a problem with the volume.

A Comment on the Topic Has Not Yet Given Apple. How Often The Formation of Condensation Water Occurs, So Remains Unclear – There Are Many Users Who Have Not Previously Occurred at All.

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