After tracking-opt-in: advertiser relocate budgets from ios to android

After tracking-opt-in: advertiser relocate budgets from iOS to Android

iPhone tracking Only with consent: Apple’s App Data Protection Initiative has a significant effect on the market for mobile advertising. In June, advertisers have reduced their expenses for advertising circuits in IOS apps by around a third, parallel expenditures for banners in Android apps have risen by around 10 percent, such as the Wall Street Journal refer to reference to numbers of advertising companies.

Less money for advertising in iPhone apps

Since iOS 14.5 MUSSen iPhone apps for the consent of users ask if they want to evaluate their data for targeted advertising. Control invoices, more than two-thirds of users reject the tracking by apps mostly – originally stated, the number of tracking refusers will be significantly high. But even the detailed data were missing, the targeted advertising made so far effective and justified the prices paid for that, it is called in the advertising industry, writes the Wall Street Journal.

For advertising in Facebook and the daughter Instagram, the advertising expenses for achieving iPhone users also like, but less strong than in third-apps, such as the economic newspaper. Facebook can be on a coarse stock of "First-party data" Route, talk about data collected in your own apps, they do not fall under Apple’s definition of tracking.

Also the formation of profile cohorts through App Store purchasing behavior and Apple ID information such as age and place of residence does not see Apple as tracking at his own advertising platform.

No tracking without consent

Without approval, apps have been preserved since iOS and iPados 14.5 No access to the advertising ID integrated into the operating system, which allows a profile formation over apps of various providers. At the same time, App providers must commit against Apple to track users in other ways, even if they have denied the approval. An initiative of Chinese app giants, including Tikok operator byTEDANCE, to create an alternative tracking possibility, is valid after update blockages of Apple as failed, as the Financial Times reported on Monday.

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