After corona: apple homeworker did not like

After Corona: Apple homeworker did not like

Apple obviously has difficulty moving his employees to return home work. This will leave an internal open letter that circulates in the company. He refers to a letter from Corporate Chief Tim Cook, who had announced in the past week that Apple will back up his employees in the Buros of the Group in September in September. The reason is the availability of vaccines against the coronavirus and jerking infection rates.

Apple does not really like HomeOffice

Apple had traditionally not allowed home work to the area of support staff. Now the Group wants the employees to be in the Buro at least three days. Cook elected Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For two more days, HomeOffice is primarily considered to be possible, but the respective managers decide.

Some teams became, explained Cook, but also again fun days in the week. In the area of Asia Pacific, many employees already returned to the Buro and in the factory facilities, so Cook. The two days outgoing home office phases wants Apple to be approved in addition to two weeks a year, for example from familiar. That too must absorb the respective manager.

"Growing concern"

In response to Cooks Envelope, it is now called in said open letter, the The Verge there is that it is "Growing concerns among our colleagues" giving. Writing written a group of Apple employees criticized that there have already been employees who are due to Apple’s "flexible work scheme" Had knowledge. There was little communication on the topic. Indeed "without the inclusion that brings flexibility", Food many of the employees, as if they had to "to make our families, our well-being, the possibility of being our best work or to be part of Apple" Select.

The new scheme is not largely enough for employees, it is significantly more popular with other silicone valley companies like Facebook or Twitter. These had said that employees could stay in the home office even after the pandemic, if they wanted that. "The last year, we not only did not find ourselves lake, but in part actively ignored", Write the group of Apple employees. The Group has always emphasized how all the staff was pleased to meet again with the colleagues in the Buro. "But we are looking forward to how we work today without we have to return to the Buro every day." Many are today with their worldwide colleagues "better networked than ever before". The guided team think here differently.

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