Afghanistan: back to war

Afghanistan: Back to war

Taliban want to conquer further areas in the Helmand province and distributed Afghan soldiers there. Image: Shahamat

Germany wants to push down afganic escape, the country can not be "Lignified as a burger-warland"

In Afghanistan is a long-term condition. For more than fourteen years, international troops have been stationed at Hinduchusch. In front of their crew was the country in the 90s in a bloody burger war, which was caught by various warfare. This in turn gained its power through the previous Deputy War of the West with the Soviet Union, which took place in the 1980s and found one end with the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Since always belongs Afghanistan to those countries that produce many escape. Until recently, people of Afghan origin were the biggest escape group worldwide. Then the chaos broke out in Syria, which is nothing more than another deputy war between the grossness. Most flights in the world are Syrians, which does not mean that the number of escaping Afghans had decreased. Continessing is still more than a tenth of the total evolving on the run.

Afghanistan: Back to war

Taliban want to conquer further areas in the Helmand province and distributed Afghan soldiers there. Image: Shahamat

Many of these escapears have come to Europe for years. For the local authorities, an escape from Afghanistan was always self-resistant. Who wants to live in a country where permanent war has been permanent for 35 years, whose childrestness rate is obvious to the highest of the world, food shortages and extreme poverty continues to belong to everyday life and brutal militias that you have to say. For this reason, asylum was waited quickly.

At these circumstances, nothing has changed since the NATO intervention in the country. In fact, in several points, an extreme deterioration took place, which makes the escape from a country like Afghanistan only more comprehensible. So since the western military insert in the country, the opium production has been rising for ordinary records, which has meanwhile meanwhile that local drug bosses are more powerful, during long parts of the young population of the addiction is expired. In Kabul alone, there are numerous corners in which one can find hundreds of Junkies, all of which consume gathering in Trister.

The extremism was also successful in recent years. While 2001 in Afghanistan merely the Taliban as well as if supervised, a very transverse number of Al-Qaeda struggle were prasent, there are now numerous groups, from various Taliban cleaved to offshoots of the "Islamic state" (IS), find all of which pursue a variety of targets, regularly connect and brutal procedure as their processes had ever been presented.

At the force scalance, the western troops have made a decisive contribution by mainly with drone attacks – Afghanistan continues to be the most of the world bombarded by drones, aspiration, volatile bombing and nightly "Special inspection" Regularly new enemies produced, which hate the occupiers abysmal. That a family father who loses his children through the push of a push of a nevada, well-depressed and superapanced drone pilots, loses to the weapon and the next sparkish grouping is closing, but may hardly be surprising.

This circumstance was now viewed by US-American side. So Michael T said. Flynn, a former general of the US Army and former director of the military secret service Dia, recently that the drone war "More terrorists produced when he is dead".

"No flat war"

Considering the present escape donuts, however, such facts are crowded aside. Since the right-wing populist discourse dominates, European politicians are forced to get rid of escape in the country in some ways. The Federal Government also participates in this dangerous game by declining recently to decrease escapeons from Afghanistan.

"This is indeed that Afghanistan meant, which was described above. That afghanistan, in which the German Bundeswehr continues to station and, – so it claimed at least local rapporteur – only a few weeks ago to have been involved in fierce fighting in the northern Kunduz, after rebellion had surprised the capital of the province and temporarily brought under her control. In this context, it should also be emphasized that that Afghanistan is the speech in which US fighter jets bombard hospitalizers, like that of the organization "Doctors Without Borders" (MSF) in the caught Knowledge."

At the youngest Federal Press Conference, as of this topic, one got the impression that all this was half as bad. According to government speaker Steffen Seibert dominate war everywhere. Afghanistan is not "to designate a flat rate as a burger war country", so saturated wording. What this should mean exactly remains open. Where is a flat-rate war? Where does he and where not? What is known as a state of war and what not? Prevails in the citys like Kabul about "No flat war", because there is less connection and battles take place than elsewhere? According to this logic, according to this logic, Syrian or Iraqi escapeons are increasingly shut down because of the "Package state of war" Also not available in Damascus or Baghdad? And from what was about, you actually talked about in Germany if a bomb was going into Berlin almost every week?

However, the words of Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière were particularly cynical. This meant that the Afghans could remain in their country, as so much development aid was passed there. That most of the developing funds flowed into the pockets of warfare and corrupt politicians, partly planning partly to leave Afghanistan, he did not caught.

According to the UN, at least 5 were at least 5 in the first half of 2015.000 civilians tested in Afghanistan. In 2014, at least 710 children in the country were victim of the war, more than in Iraq, Syria or Palastina. The escape from such a country is not only comprehensible, it is completely human and self-resistant. Who wants to deny this, only expresses his own inhumanity.

However, the foreclosure policy of Germany and the EU generally also makes a hypocrisy that seek their identical to their like, considering that not only Afghanistan, but also Landers like Iraq and Syria, without Western intervention, based on egoist power interests, not in their present Situation were.

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