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Tuning vehicle with airbrushing is familiar with all, but only some of them know that this process is. Aerography is an ideal way to breathe new life into the car, make it stand out from the gray crowd and change beyond recognition. What’s more, it’s not at all difficult to do it yourself.

Airbrush on machines.

Many motorists believe that the airbrush is a clear definition of the figure, which is applied to the metal surface of the vehicle, but this is not quite true. Term aerography covers many more areas of artistic painting and has only one distinctive feature – a brush to apply called an airbrush.

Aerography is a painting art technique that uses an airbrush as a toolkit to apply a powder or liquid paint with compressed air to any surface.

Can also be used by the paint.


As a result of the widespread use of airbrushes and the appearance of a large number of different compositions and colors, the airline has a new impetus for the development of. Today, airbrush is used to create retouching photos, painting canvases, models, taxidermy, wall painting, textile painting, nail painting, body art, painting, painting toys and souvenir products, motorcycles, cars and other equipment, in design, printing and coming soon.

With the help of a thin layer of paint with the possibility of its smooth spraying on the surface, it is possible to achieve ideal decorative effects, in particular, smooth, colorful, volumetric, photographic realism of the resulting image, as well as imitation of a rough texture with flawless surface smoothness.

aerography prices.


Another mistake in most car owners is the view that airbrushing is only rich, and respectively expensive cars. And the speech here is not about the airbrushes caused by the canisters with violated technology and so on. Sometimes the appearance of such airbrushing Pasersby at all to see him like on art, not to mention the desire to do something like this.

Undoubtedly, the rates for high-quality airbrushing are really considerable. However, any car enthusiast can independently make a similar tuning of the vehicle using basic drawing skills, and it will cost several times cheaper.

How to do airbrushing yourself

An independent airbrush of the car implies the right choice at an airbrush, for which you should pay attention to such parameters:


  1. When choosing such a tool, the most important thing is the diameter of the nozzle for receiving paint. In this case, consider the area you want to paint. To apply the background, the tool is well suited, whose diameter is 0.35 millimeters, and to apply the main elements, an airbrush with a diameter of 0.2 millimeters is perfect.
  2. Paint feed type should be selected depending on the location of the tank:
    Feeding without tank – This type of tool is designed to deliver the paint with the tip of the brushes with a special side slot directly on the needle. Such an airbrush is ideal for frequent color variables. In addition, it can be used to work with small images.
    SIPHON FEED – In this case, the tank is located at the bottom or on the side. With these types, you can apply a wider potential in the work of the newly created needle. The use of interchangeable tanks can make it easier to work with different colors. However, these types of airbrushes require more powerful compressors.
  3. Gravity feed – In this case, the tank is located at the top. The paint is jumped due to gravity pressure and poured into the nozzle. This type is relevant for low power compressors.
  4. Pay special attention to the shape of the design of Juro airbrushes machines, airbrushes of ordinary and double action.

tools wizards

  1. Usually the drawing is applied with an airbrush, sometimes with a special pencil or brush.
  2. Consumables include the desired colors of nitrocale, nitrolac and solvent.
  3. In some cases, you may need a greasy tape, clean soft fabric, woolen wool, several buckets, respirator, knife, chemical pencil.

apply auto airbrushing, work stages

  1. First, you should choose a photo or a photo based on personal preferences.
  2. Then it is necessary to determine the location of the drawing on the vehicle – the hood, the door or even half of your car.
  3. After that we need to consider the vehicle for corrosion or scratches. If such defects are present, they should be primed.
  4. Next, find the appropriate space for painting. It should be well lit, closed and without dust.
  5. Now with the help of nitro paints we apply a drawing. This phase is the responsible. You can pre-cook templates if you are not confident in your drawing skills. The drawing should be applied from parts, and the unused part of the vehicle must be exactly near the film.
  6. When the drawing is completed, you need to wait for a complete surface drying and cover the vehicle with a special varnish.


Undoubtedly, you may prefer another type of airbrushing – applying a film with a photo or pattern. This method among car owners is the most popular, as they do not require the skills of owning the brush or creating drawings. In this case, you need to prepare a vehicle, dismantle unnecessary elements, which will degrease the work surface. Then we gently glue the film with a pattern or a photo. To protect the drawing from damage to a mechanical nature, it should be covered with a protective varnish.

Expert advice

It is worth noting that airbrushing with their own hands can become an exciting hobby, thanks to which you can not only tune your vehicle, but also make money on car design, other types of transportation or household surfaces.

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