Aeg perfect morning kf3300 in test

AEG KF3300 Perfect Morning coffee maker (aroma glass jug 1.5 liters, keep-warm function, non-stick hotplate, automatic switch-off, anti-drip valve, water level indicator on the right outside, removable filter basket, cable rewind) Black / Silver

AEG offers the KF3300 model, a modern filter coffee machine that is Aroma glass jug is delivered. Up to 1.5 liters of coffee can be prepared with this machine with only one brewing process. Furthermore, the AEG Perfect Morning is equipped with an Keep warm function equipped. This allows you to keep your own coffee warm for a maximum of 40 minutes. In the filter element is a integrated anti-drip valve processes.

AEG KF3300 – Test report

The design of the AEG KF3300 is stylish and classical. The large filling capacity and the lush glass jug ensure that the jug is particularly suitable for the Preparation of larger quantities is suitable. The processed Water level indicator ensures comfortable operation. Furthermore integrated water tank filled so easily. The Aroma glass jug guarantees excellent coffee taste. The special shape makes an important contribution. Glass is also a tasteless material, so the aroma of the KF3300 is not affected. Coffee can be made with the pot drip-free pouring. For this AEG has chosen the Processing of a special pouring spout decidedly.

The strengths of the AEG Perfect Morning also include the Keep warm function. The machine keeps the coffee pleasantly warm for up to 40 minutes. This makes the machine the ideal companion for a cozy coffee afternoon.

All important details at a glance:

  • XXL volume for up to 18 cups
  • double-sided scaled aroma glass jug
  • Drip stop with anti-drip valve
  • On / Off button with convenient operation indicator
  • automatic switch-off after 40 minutes
  • drip-free pouring
  • keep warm function for 40 minutes


AEG has not skimped on the features of the KF3300 filter coffee maker. The manufacturer offers a comprehensively equipped machine, which can be used in many ways. One of the highlights of the equipment is the aroma glass jug. It has on both sides a Scaling, so that in any case a easy, safe reading is possible. The cup offers a capacity of 1.5 liters and is thus suitable for preparing 12 to 18 cups of fresh coffee. The keep-warm and switch-off functions of the AEG Perfect Morning are coordinated and each last 40 minutes. The machine is equipped with an anti-drip valve. This means that even during preparation, the jug can be easily removed from the machine without spilling coffee.

On the right outside is the Water level indicator for the water tank. Here you can read exactly how much water is already in the tank. The Filter basket, with the size 1 × 4, can be easily removed. This makes cleaning particularly convenient. For a clean set-up, the AEG KF3300 is equipped with a practical cord winder provided. Furthermore, the filter coffee machine works with 1080 watt. AEG has not skimped on details with the machine. Therefore, the on and off button, for example, is provided with an operation indicator. Coffee is brewed by the machine only when the ideal temperature is reached. The keep-warm function is tuned to keep the coffee at this temperature afterwards.

The AEG KF3300 in a practical test

The AEG Perfect Morning is safely packed within two working days Delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. All elements survive transport without damage thanks to the secure packaging. Besides the carton, foil serves as protection during shipping. After unpacking immediately falls high quality finish the machine on. All the elements show themselves with a high manufacturing quality, which can be seen not only on the on button, but also on the glass jug. Before preparing the first coffee, it is recommended to run hot water through. Afterwards it can be used directly for coffee preparation.

But another striking feature of the KF3300 is the chic, slim design, which makes it easy to store in your own kitchen. Despite the high capacity of 1.5 liters, the machine is just 20 cm narrow. The high-gloss, black plastic is supplied with frosted stainless steel elements combined and marks the design. The disadvantage is that the machine is very susceptible to fingerprints. With the water tank AEG processes semi-transparent, gray plastic. The only drawback is the lid construction. It is simultaneously for water tank and filter holder. Overall, the lid looks a bit cheap. On the side is the on and off switch. It protrudes about 1 cm from the housing. To operate it, you have to reach around the coffee maker a bit. The heating process the machine takes only a few seconds, so the machine is quickly ready for use. In everyday use, it proves to be particularly automatic shut-off function as very convenient.

Conclusion – very good

A good and beautiful coffee maker, which is very easy to use and prepares coffee quickly and reliably.

With the KF3300, AEG has developed a really chic coffee filter machine. It is characterized by its modern, slim design made of. Even if fingerprints quickly appear on the materials, the overall workmanship is very high quality. Due to the large filling capacity the machine is suitable for almost every household. It can be used by a large family as well as by small households. The Water filling capacity can be selected individually. The AEG KF3300 is rounded off by the simple operation, the fast heating time and the reliable preparation.

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