Aeg dishwasher only pumps, can no longer start a program – what could be the fault?

When switching on the program the machine normally pumps out the remaining water, it does that now, but it does not stop pumping then. When I pour in water, it is pumped out, and pumped further. What could be the fault? AEG Lavamat sensorlogic

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Pull out the machine, When you look at the machine, loosen the left side panel, remove the water that has accumulated at the bottom of the tray/below the electronics (very difficult to access, so I always put old cloths underneath and just tilt the machine slightly on its side so that the water runs out), then check if the pumping stops. Bolt everything back together and clean the filters inside. This is the so called C3 error at AEG

Our meanwhile 13 years oldoko_Favorit (rented) had the same problem. From the overflow hose (left side, leads below the water pocket directly to the “bottom”) of the machine) ran out of water during the water pulling. Apparently the channels had clogged. This can happen if greasy dishes (pans) are washed too cold, in addition, the machine has apparently not been cleaned yet. So hose placed in a shallow bowl, machine turned on and loaded with machine cleaner, Intensive 65° and after 3 runs and in between diligently emptying the bowl, it works again flawlessly.

It indicates water in the bottom tray. The bottom tray is not visible, it is inside the machine.Mostly the seal of the pump sump is defective. A silicone gasket can be ordered from the Bosch service and put in by yourself. This seal also fits AEG. There are instructions on the internet. You should order directly from Bosch and not on Amazon because of cheap replicas.

Hello, had exactly the same problem on my AEG F45020VI1P. Switch on and it pumps and pumps and does not start the program. At the pressure switch analog 1174745107 wobbled (as described by the user “Spielmaschiene”) described) and lo and behold it starts the program. Now the part exchanged and she runs again. Meanwhile the part costs 20€ on Ebay.

One more note: not to be confused with when you have water in the floor pan. Even then the pump runs and pumps and pumps. Here is the difference that it then also pumps when you turn off the main switch.

Had exactly this problem with my dishwasher (AEGoko Favorit, model F78000VIIP, type: 911D2163A2). Sometimes a tap here helped, machmal water tap close and open again, but finally I removed it and the solution was quite simple! The defect was an analog pressure sensor/monitor which, seen from the front, can be found on the right front corner of the machine. Pictures of it gibts on Google images under “pressure monitor analog 1174745107”. The number is also the new spare part number, because on my switch was still an older (four year old machine). Switch installed and then it ran again without problems! Switch costs with shipping so ca. 55 euros.

Super contribution. was the same for me

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My Leonard brand dishwasher stopped washing in the middle of the program and has stopped since longer pumping. Even if I turn off the device it continues to pump .what can it be? And can I possibly repair it myself ?

When I want to turn on my dishwasher nothing works it does not light up display so you can also not set anything.

Hello, I just turned on my dishwasher and it started pumping. The water audibly went down the drain and then there was a sound like when someone presses OFF, the pump stops and the program finishes. After a short time I get the error E2 displayed with 10 beeps. The dishwasher is just 1 year old ! -.-Does anyone know the cause? The solution?

What is the most likely cause when dishwasher no longer heats up and does not pump water into the upper spray arm?? I have a Bosch dishwasher, SCE63M25EU. Now it does not clean the dishes anymore. The following can be seen: What still works: All programs run, the water is pumped into the lower spray arm and finally pumped out again What does not work: The dishwasher no longer heats and thus runs with cold water and the water is no longer pumped into the upper spray arm I know, that there are several error causes, if the machine does not heat up. But I hope that the combination of not heating and reduced pumping can point to a specific source of error. For tips on how I can determine the sefekt, I am very grateful.

In my dishwasher from Siemens (substructure 45cm) the suction pump keeps pumping, although the water is extracted. There is also no new water running. Switching off does not help, after switching on again the pumping continues immediately. Where can the “WURM” sit? Would be very happy about tips.

Hello everyone, hope someone can help me.

Yesterday beaming with joy I bought a new dishwasher, finally the old out the ALSO has not pumped off. (had suspected defective pump) Thought buy me ne new then it must work yes. Now I connected the new dishwasher yesterday and it does not pump the water either WHY?? :-( It runs the program, then it just hums and does not pump the water out. Water stands inside, just like the old dishwasher did it.

Now when I start a new program it hums. and at some point starts to beep and does nothing more.

I ask for help.

I have a new dishwasher, model AEG Favorit. It was hooked up on Friday, the installer ran a test run, everything was working. Now my flatmate and I are standing in front of the full dishwasher& probably have a problem. When you turn on the dishwasher, it pumps out water resp. lets water run in – but then nothing happens. The minute number is quasi counted down, but it does nothing. What is the reason for this?. what can I do to change this ?

maybe you can help me. Have the following problem.

It is a Constructa dishwasher. At the beginning it no longer pumped properly and gave scratchy rattling noises of itself. Thereupon I have ordered and installed a new lye pump. Now I have the following problem .

If I connect the machine to the drain, it can not pump out the water properly. The pump runs, but does not discharge water.

If I put the hose in a bucket which is at the same level as the dishwasher, the machine pumps without problems and strongly. In the rinse chamber the water is then pumped out completely.

Can you tell me where the error is or what I’ve done wrong ?

Hoses etc. are all free.

Thank you for your help .

my AEG Lavamatoko 76730 does not pump out anymore. Could you tell me how to find out the error code?. I have read by means of a key combination. But not which.

What else can I do or is this a case for the technician??

Hello, I have a Miele G7855 that has not been working for a month. The dishwasher is not used for catering, but for me at home. Now I explain what is not working on the dishwasher. When I turn on the dishwasher, then it first pumps off (the residual water, which has remained).Then it fetches fresh water from the tap and then when it should actually rinse with the fresh water it doesn’t do it you hear a soft noise. The water then remains down and is then pumped out again after the not fulfilled flushing then the error (F3E) appears.

My dishwasher has a flashing supply and drain light.

Sometimes the program ends right at the beginning after residual water has been pumped out. Because the dishwasher tries to pump water into the spray arms even though the water tank on the side panel has not even been filled yet. Sometimes it fills the water tank and then runs for a while, but eventually it stops and the indicator flashes again.

bucket test made. Have already searched the inside completely, cleaned everything, circulation pump can also be turned easily. There is also no water leaking into the floor pan. Hoses are also in order. Now I am at my wit’s end.

I hope that someone here can help me further.

Hello, my AEG Lavamat Carat 54638 does not spin…who can help??

Program set, water runs in and then without the motor being triggered nothing happens. I also can not “clack” or hear engine humming.

Then I made a test: program “spin” set, water is pumped out (water pump is OK)and in the course of the program. no reaction from the motor (also no “clacking”) Where could the error be??

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