Adieu lotus elise! Great Britain’s aldi Porsche on the brink of extinction

Lotus discontinues the Elise

After just over a quarter of a century, Lotus ceases production of the lightweight Elise sports car. The last example of the mid-engined roadster is due to roll off the production line in Hethel, England, this year.

Evora and Exige also say goodbye

The Exige coupe variant is also discontinued, as is its larger cousin, the Evora. Instead of the trio, the British manufacturer, now owned by the Chinese Geely Group, plans to launch a new sports car family around the previously announced Model 131.

Dream cars from another world

The purist Elise made its debut in 1996 and quickly gained a reputation as a spartan sporty driving pleasure machine. Although the two-seater had little engine power, especially at first, it combined it with a low weight and comparatively low prices – at least if you take the driving performance into account. In the current generation, built since 2010, the most powerful variant came at a price of around 63.000 euros to 181 kW/246 hp and a sprint time to 100 mph of 4.3 seconds.

The driver of the lightweight racer shouldn't be too heavy either

55.000 units produced

Together with Exige and Evora, the Elise came to around 55.000 units produced. Thousands more vehicles are likely to be added to this total, as the British racer served as the basis for numerous sports cars, including Tesla Roadster, Opel Speedster and Melkus RS2000.

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Dear Focus editors, a Lotus Elise as an “Aldi Porsche I find that very daring. Obviously none of you bothered to ever drive this unique vehicle. A Lotus (and especially the Elise/Exige) is in no way comparable to a Porsche. No electronic steering, no super complex engine/transmission unit, no sensors anywhere, no GARNIX. And that’s the beauty of it: it’s pure driving, the kind of driving you can’t experience in a Porsche anymore, unfortunately. As a blogger on youtube said about the Elise: “Whoever buys a Lotus Elise is really smart, it makes you a better person” I think there is nothing more to add. and you can see from the comment what I drive ;-)

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