Additionally 225 million euros for bavaria’s auto industry

Bayern wants to demand the important automotive industry with additional 225 million euros for the free state. The money should help the industry to forcend the current transformation process, such as Minister Prosident Markus Sodder (CSU) on Monday (25. Nov. 2019) in Munchen said.

It is part of a total of 300 million euros serious macual packages, which was decided at the so-called Future Forum Automobile. In addition to the government, representatives of the economy and unions had participated in the deliberations.

The package contains 60 million euros in transformation aids, 115 million for technology requirements, 50 million for new mobility solutions – among other things for 7000 new charging oils – and 77.7 million euros for further education. However, part of it comes from existing measures. According to Sodder, the new funds should be found in the country’s supplementary budget this Tuesday. The money is expected to fall in a period from 2020 to 2023.

"We have to get out of the Dammer’s sleep of recent years," Sodder said. At the automobile it also go to "a stucco economic cartriotism". Bayern is a car country and will stay a car country.

For the IG metal, the agreement can only be a beginning

The IG metal assessed the agreement on the other hand as "growing up". You can only be the beginning: "We need more and more concrete maws to give the procured security in transformation," District Leader Challenged Johann Horn. The union criticized, among other things, that in the field of further education, above all existing claims were summarized. According to the Bavarian State Chancellery, the 77.7 million euros for further education are 10 million new funds. In addition, Horn criticized that the automotive industry parallel to the talking jobs dismantling and relocate abroad.

BMW boss Oliver Zipse praised the Future Forum Automotive and the decided clausing clarification. He also stressed that electromobility does not necessarily mean the elimination of jobs. BMW Bau is currently on jobs in Bavaria.

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