“Adac vehicle world”: new online leasing platform launched

ADAC is getting deeper into the leasing business.

The automobile club now offers its members vehicles from the fleet leasing provider Mobility Concept. ADAC wants to convince with a pure online ordering process and inclusive services. The trade only plays a role in delivery and service.

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ADAC is getting deeper into the leasing business: As of today, the automobile club no longer only brokers electric cars but also cars with combustion engines for leasing. ADAC has launched a new online platform called “ADAC Fahrzeugwelt” has been launched. The partner in this is the fleet leasing provider Mobility Concept, which is part of the MeinAuto Group. With this step the club – probably not completely coincidentally – immediately implements the agenda of the freshly elected ADAC president Christian Reinicke: After his election last Saturday, he had announced that he would push ahead with digitization and create new mobility offerings for the club’s more than 21 million members (we reported).

Similar to the e-car leasing, the new offer is therefore only aimed at ADAC members. These can lease on the platform cars between 12 and 60 months. The leasing order process is fully digital, with the necessary identification of the customer via Video-Ident procedure. Currently available are cars from Opel, Skoda, Seat and Kia, with more manufacturers to follow. The vehicles themselves are preconfigured. Customers only have the choice between different equipment lines and the color and, in the future, the rims. According to ADAC, this serves to reduce the complexity of the ordering process. There would be explicitly no stock vehicles leased, accordingly, for example, the delivery time for an Opel Corsa is currently (the usual) 18 weeks.

The aim is to convince customers with inclusive services rather than competitive prices

Once the customer has decided on a model, he still has to decide how long the lease will run, what annual mileage is desired and how high the down payment should be. For an Opel Corsa, for example, the leasing instalment for a term of 48 months is 10.000 kilometers of mileage and 1.000 Euro down payment 158,76 Euro (incl. Vehicle tax).

According to ADAC board member Mahbod Asgari, ADAC wants to attract customers less through price and more through additional services: “We are not the price breaker, said Asgari in a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the new offer. The additional services include a free transfer to the dealer and free registration. In addition, there is a so-called return protection. That means: Damages up to 300 euro are free with the return of the vehicle. The associated damage catalog, according to which the amount of damage is calculated, is also to be freely retrievable. Dekra experts determine whether damage is present in each case. As a further inclusive service, ADAC offers a special right of cancellation in the event of “personal misfortune” (rating: 2.0) to. This takes effect from a contract term of 12 months and includes unemployment, incapacity for work or death.

A maintenance and wear-and-tear package, an insurance package and door-to-door delivery are also available for a fee. In the case of the aforementioned Opel Corsa, there is a monthly charge of 21.16 euros for the maintenance package and 6.66 euros for doorstep delivery. The insurance package would cost 79.93 euros. The special thing about it: The individual age and the no-claims class of the driver do not play a role. This should convince young customers in particular.

ADAC’s leasing offer is aimed exclusively at members. (Screenshot)

Car dealerships are only involved in delivery and servicing

Dealers are involved in all this only in the course of delivery as well as maintenance and service. According to Asgari, how much the dealers receive for delivery depends on the respective manufacturer or. whose agreements with Mobility Concept include. One wants to integrate the trade with the offer however constructively, asseverated Asgari. The ADAC was unable to state how many car dealers of the respective brands are participating.

Retailers in many places are neutral about the new offer. One Opel partner, who does not want his name to appear in the media, told AUTOHAUS, for example, that it is not decisive for him whether two or three cars are leased in his market area via ADAC or via comparable offers from Lidl or Tchibo. He is happy to take this and in the best case gain a service customer on the side.

The sole vehicle supplier to ADAC Fahrzeugwelt is Mobility Concept. The leasing provider obtains the vehicles directly from the manufacturers and is also responsible for handling the remaining steps in the leasing process from insurance to transfer and remarketing at the end of the leasing period.

ADAC receives a flat commission per vehicle brokered

ADAC collects a lump-sum commission from Mobility Concept for the mediation, independent of the vehicle value. This means that there is no incentive to sell expensive cars, emphasized Asgari. How high the yield of the ADAC turns out, one did not calculate exactly, explained the ADAC executive committee. In the long term, however, the company naturally wants to earn money with the new offer: “We plan to see a return on investment in five years, according to the manager. The ADAC did not want to specify how many vehicles are to be leased each year. As a goal the automobile club called only a good two-digit thousand range in two to three years.

The automobile club is more forthcoming with regard to the expansion of its offering: for example, it says it plans to supplement leasing with a car-sharing service and, from 2022, with a car subscription service. The goal is a “car as a service-Model in which vehicles are brokered for terms of five minutes to five years. Also the electric leasing offer of the ADAC should in the future into the new “vehicle world” be integrated. At the moment, this is still failing because the e-car subsidy cannot be technically mapped on the new platform.

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