Adac test of new car brokers – the highest car discounts are to be found here

Discounts in the test ADAC test new car intermediaries – Here there are the highest car discounts

When buying a car from so-called online new car brokers, you can save a lot of money, the ADAC has now confirmed this. The club not only searched the relevant sites for bargains, but also compared the online discounts with those offered by established authorized dealers. Conclusion: On average, five percent more discount can be knocked out on the Internet. This is equivalent to 1000 Euro at a list price of 20.000 euros.

While the Internet intermediaries granted an average of 16 percent on the list price, it has been eleven percent at car dealerships. Car buyers should note, however, that they could negotiate the price at dealerships until the purchase contract is signed – unlike with online portals, says the ADAC. If sales consultants at authorized dealers were confronted with the higher discounts of Internet dealers in the test, they were “prepared to make further concessions” been.

Then the online advantage shrinks accordingly. So despite the higher prices, the authorized dealers are not unattractive. Unlike online dealerships, customers have a personal contact and can take a test drive.

Two failures in the test

For the study, ADAC tested the websites of twelve Internet car dealers at the end of May and asked the prices for five car models. The offers were compared with those of authorized dealers in ten major German cities.

Discounts in the test: ADAC test new car brokers - Here there are the highest car discounts

Test winner with the overall rating “Very Good was the new car broker “”. The portal convinced with an easy to use Internet appearance, a fast service and the discount, which was above average with only one exception with all vehicles. Eight portals scored “good from, one with “sufficient. Two providers are with the rating “poor” and “very defective failed. Test loser is “”: Here, the discounts for all vehicles in the test were significantly below average. In addition, the ADAC complained that the website was unclear and difficult to use.

You can find the complete evaluation here as an infographic.

But the ADAC also expresses criticism. Moniert was that collection or delivery with the portals is charged separately. The buyer must then pay for the transfer, but the car is at a contractor of the online broker and not at the customer’s residence. In addition, on the Internet portals is sometimes advertised with extremely high discounts for the models. However, the ADAC testers found that they were unable to achieve the maximum discounts promised in a specific ordering and selection process. The customer should therefore not be dazzled by maximum offers, but keep an eye on the minimum discount.

Desired models instead of super bargains

The ADAC test is not meaningful for bargain hunters. The question of the club was namely: “How much discount do I get for my dream car?.” The testers were interested in a BMW 320d, Fiat MyPanda, Nissan Qashqai, Opel Corsa and VW Golf respectively. Even the configuration of the cars was specified exactly in advance.

A flexible customer who is primarily interested in a high discount and is willing to make concessions on car model and equipment for a maximum discount can achieve higher discounts with online intermediaries. But even here the established dealers do not have to pass. The super bargains advertised on the Internet are often on site with comparable discounts as a day registration in the showroom.

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