Adac-autokredit: interest independent of schufa check

T he ADAC is more than just roadside assistance and yellow angels, as has been known at least since the scandal surrounding the automobile club. Whether it’s insurance or car rental – when it comes to vehicles, the club is involved in a wide range of areas. He also offers a car loan, cooperation partner for this offer is the Landesbank Berlin.

Particularly interesting for car applicants with a Schufa record: Unlike most competitors, ADAC offers the interest rate for its car loan regardless of the customer’s credit rating.

The decisive criterion for the interest rate is the term: If the loan runs between one and five years, the effective annual interest rate is 3.59 percent. For terms of six or seven years, 3.99 percent interest is payable, although the monthly installments are of course correspondingly low.

new and used cars are financed

The agreed interest rate is guaranteed for the entire loan period. This means that if you are planning to buy a car on credit, you know in advance what charges you will be facing – nasty surprises are practically ruled out. For example, for a loan in the amount of 10.000 euros for a three-year term, 294 euros per month are due.

Both new and used cars can be financed, and the credit can even be taken out for the purchase of a classic car.

The financed vehicle serves as collateral during the term of the loan. All you have to do is fill out the form for the transfer of ownership by way of security, sign it and submit it to the ADAC together with a copy of the vehicle registration certificate. The original of the car title remains – unlike many other providers – with the borrower.

The shortest possible term is twelve months, a maximum term of 84 months is possible – at the higher interest rate mentioned above. The credit range offered is from 2500 to 50.000 Euro. Unscheduled repayments are possible at any time, and there is no early repayment penalty. However, the credit is only issued to ADAC members. The basic membership costs 49 euros per year, but this includes services such as roadside assistance.

Other offers are sometimes cheaper

In principle, it is possible to get money for your vehicle at a lower price. The Bank of Scotland, for example, offers its car loan from an effective annual interest rate of 2.62 percent, while Barclaycard offers an effective annual interest rate of 2.79 percent.

In contrast to the ADAC offer, however, these loans are dependent on creditworthiness, and the conditions only apply with top creditworthiness. Those who are less creditworthy have to pay up to 5.63 percent (Bank of Scotland) or 6.99 percent (Barclaycard). On the one hand, this eliminates the advantage of planning security – and especially if you have a poor credit rating, you are definitely better off with the ADAC offer.

Conclusion: Drivers receive fair and easily calculable conditions at ADAC. Consumers with weak credit ratings can benefit from this in particular. As a rule, you should pay close attention to the term, since the interest rate increases with longer terms. One shortcoming of the ADAC offer is that membership is a prerequisite. On the other hand, practical services can be included in the membership, so that the disadvantage – for a future motorist – is not too heavy in weight.

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