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Who should count on the ACE in the automobile club comparison?

Roadside assistance for the whole family

In our comparison of automobile clubs, the Auto Club Europa is particularly suitable for multi-person households or for those with more than one car. Families interesting. Here the ACE can score particularly well in our comparison. The ACE sends a very clear message here: All spouses or partners living in the household, as well as underage children are included in the Euro mobile protection. Even if you or your family members are traveling in a third-party vehicle, protection applies.

The Auto Club Europe – ACE

The Auto Club Europe, briefly ACE provides one of the most extensive offers among the automobile clubs. With a membership of over 600.000, it is comparatively one of the larger automobile clubs in Germany. In cooperation with about 500 service companies and 3.000 automotive professionals in Germany, the automobile club with the red and yellow club logo is over 100.000 operations per year on the road. 24/7 70 specialized call center employees coordinate the operations for the Auto Club Europa.

The services in comparison

In addition to the classic roadside assistance, the ACE also provides further. The services of the Auto Club Europa membership also include: tourist information, travel bookings, service of technical nature, support in legal matters and medical assistance. Insurances from the field of car& Traffic round off the range of services offered by the ACE. The classic breakdown cover extends to Germany and abroad.

The services of the ACE membership include the following, private vehicles in use:

  1. passenger cars
  2. Motorcycles, as well as mopeds (125cc), mopeds and mopeds up to 50cm 3
  3. Electric, gas and solar vehicles
  4. Motorhomes up to 3,2 m height and 7,5t permissible total weight as well as caravans
  5. Luggage and boat trailer
  6. Wheelchairs

ACE – The membership rates

The Auto Club Europa Membership is offered at a uniform membership fee of 62,80 Euro/year (from 2014/previously 62,80 Euro). In our automobile club comparison, it therefore tends to land in the area of the higher-priced memberships. Particularly noteworthy is that the ACE membership already includes protection for the whole family. The question whether with the personal membership also partners and children are covered, does not arise with the ACE membership.

Young people who have reached the age of 30. If you are under the age of 18, you get the ACE membership in the first year for 31,40 Euro!

ACE Club benefits

As a member of an automobile club, there are usually interesting additional services and offers that can be useful for motorists. The Auto Club Europe has a few things in store for its members. A current overview of the club advantages and benefits can be found here.

On the ACE YouTube Channel you can experience many interesting, but also helpful videos around the topic car and traffic.

Compare the benefits of the ACE also again in our automobile club comparison


if i live in altenburg and my car won’t start then the ace will come and help me

Hello ACE,
I am still with the ADAC, but only in December the ADAC has increased the fee, but even earlier I had the thought to become a member somewhere else. Do you know a way how I can cancel because of the increase of the ADAC contribution there , to then become a member with you

Yours sincerely Burkhard Seese

Hello Mr. Sees,

a price increase does not entitle to the extraordinary notice with the ADAC unfortunately. You can cancel your membership up to 3 months before the start of the next contribution period.

if you call him, he will come for sure. At peak times (difficult weather conditions, return waves), it may, however, take longer than usual ..

Hello, how is it with the partner membership. If my life partner and I have different residences (address) are then nevertheless all vehicles registered on me and her for the ACE club achievements entitled?

the ACE abest itself in its conditions as follows:
The ACE member and his or her spouse or partner living in the same household as well as their underage children are also entitled to the corresponding benefits as authorized drivers or passengers of a foreign vehicle of the above-mentioned types. This also applies if a third party is allowed to drive the vehicle in compliance with legal requirements.

To avoid any misunderstandings, I would assume in this case that a claim for benefits in this constellation is only given for spouses.

Am with the ADAC, if I have a breakdown, comes the yellow angel, clear, but who comes to the ACE.And are that also so much?

at the Auto Club Europa the “red-yellow roadside assistance” is coming! & The ACE works with a variety of partners to provide over 100.000 times a year to get vehicles back on the road again, or. to provide roadside assistance. Learn more directly from ACE.

i am considering becoming a member.
I am severely disabled 90% “G”.
is there another tariff or discount for you? ??

with friend. greetings
bernd stiller

Hello Mr. Stiller,

unfortunately, the Auto Club Europa does not offer a discount for people with severe disabilities. Only the automobile clubs ADAC and AvD offer corresponding discounts. The ADAC offers membership at an annual fee of € 37.00 per year for severely disabled persons. The AvD requires for its most favorable membership (AvD Help) 19,90€ per year.

I am looking for the right club for my family and me, the situation is as follows:
One car each is used by my wife and me, which are registered to my company.
My children (18 and 21) years each have a motor vehicle, which are privately registered to me.
One of my sons is studying away from home, has only registered a secondary residence at his place of study, and the sitaution will be the same for my second son as of September 2016.
In addition, there are 3 oldtimers (with H-registration) in our household. During a transfer drive with a classic car not registered to me, I also had a flat tire last year, which could not be repaired on the spot. Since my insurance policy only covers the registered vehicle, I had to settle this claim myself.
In addition to pan assistance (Europe-wide with associated mobility offers / overnight stays / towing, etc.) for all vehicles I attach importance to patient return transports also from abroad (worldwide) at “-Medically reasonable and justifiable”.
Which club meets my requirements at a plausible price?
Thank you for your answer.

With kind regards,

Hello Mr. Rieger,

wow, with this request you really take the cake! & According to your description, I would recommend the BAVC to you. Your family would be currently (here is decisive in what age the children are) in the family protection of the BAVC with secured. BAVC membership is personal, so whoever fits the definition of family as a person can use their own car, their parents’ car, a borrowed car…this is not relevant to protection.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, we will put you in touch with a direct contact person at the BAVC to answer any unanswered questions on request!

Thank you for your comment and most of all thank you for visiting our website! &

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