Accident on freeway

Police want to crack down

A2 near Dortmund: After horror accident – police announce daily checks

12.07.2021 updated: 12:50

Accidents on highways often do not end well. There have been too many crashes on a freeway near Dortmund recently. The police reacts now.

Dortmund- Too high speed or too little distance- These are just two of the reasons why serious accidents occur time and again on the autobahns. So also on the A2 near Dortmund.

Highway A2
Length 486 kilometers
Section Dortmund/Northwest and Henrichenburg freeway intersection

Too many accidents on the A2 near Dortmund: repeated crashes on freeway section

According to the Dortmund police, there have been more than 30 accidents on the busy highway since 2018, some of them serious. According to the report, the five-kilometer stretch between the Dortmund/Nordwest interchange and Henrichenburg is an accident hotspot.

On this stretch of the A2 near Dortmund, a horror accident involving a truck had recently occurred. The truck broke through the central guardrail and sped into oncoming traffic. Two people died, three others- including two teenagers- were seriously injured.

Speeding violations and many accidents: Dortmund police want to carry out daily speed cameras on the A2

And also otherwise the numbers of the police speak for themselves. On 15 measurement days, the radar system counted a total of 72 in the past two months.000 vehicles on this stretch of the A2. 2.700 drivers were speeding. A driver drove among other things with 174 km/h where only 80 km/h are permitted. He and other traffic offenders can expect a fine- and a warning fine, in 536 cases there is also the threat of a driving ban (read more Blaulicht news from Dortmund on RUHR24).

The many accidents and speeding violations are now prompting the highway police to take tougher action on the A2 near Dortmund. On the section between the freeway junction Dortmund/Nordwest and Henrichenburg, speed cameras are now constantly in operation.

“From now on, road users must expect daily speed measurements there,” says the Dortmund police statement.

On the A2 near Dortmund, speed cameras are now being used daily: police want to prevent further accidents

“The results of the speed measurements and the many accidents with injuries and fatalities show that we need to draw more attention to the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed in this area and reduce speed – with the aim of preventing further accidents,” explains Manfred Blunk, head of the highway police in Kamen.

Most of the serious accidents would therefore occur in the direction of Oberhausen. On the section between Dortmund/Northwest and Henrichenburg, car and truck drivers have several interchanges and also traffic jams behind them.

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“Behind the Dortmund/Northwest interchange, the area opens up again in the westbound direction, traffic equalizes over these kilometers – and there is then a strong acceleration on three clear lanes,” Blunk continued. According to the police, this is precisely the risk of accidents on the A2 near Dortmund.

Accident hotspot on the A2 near Dortmund: Speed cameras and other measures in the pipeline

The highway police therefore warn urgently: “The speed decides whether an accident remains a fender bender and whether passengers are slightly or seriously injured or even killed.”In wet conditions, there is also a danger of aquaplaning on this section of the A2.

In addition to the daily speed camera action, the police want to discuss further measures in consultation with Autobahn GmbH on how the accident black spot could be defused in the future.

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