A kind of “fear choice”

A kind of'angstwahl'

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France, local elections in times of Corona Pandemic: Achievements for intermediary, grune and right-wing extremists. Uncertainty about the second ballot

surprises do not necessarily meet where they were expected – otherwise there were no more surprises. So or similarly, the first passage of the French municipal elections can be accounted for from yesterday’s Sunday.

The political stability fell in many places stronger than expected, which has to do with it that it is a kind of "Fear choice" acted, which benefited from the official owners, at any rate.

Negative record in the turnout

That the voting participation was sinking was generally expected. One-third was concretely accessed, from 63.55% at the last comparable choice (in Marz 2014) to 44.64 percent. This degree of investment is a negative record since the foundation of the Fundten Republic in 1958. However, if he can not surprise, the electoral subjects were deeply unsettled over the changing government envisions related to the coronavirus.

The day before, it had been charged that, from midnight, all restaurants and bar had to shine and the offer of public transport was surprised. Since today’s Monday, all schools, kindergarten, day care and universities have been closed until further notice – probably at least up to the Easter holidays -.

No risk in the polling stations?

However, however, elections should be risky, many people did not want to illuminate, even if disinfectants were required and the participants have been asked to bring their own ball letters.

The rule of thumb was allowed to apply: The more willing someone is to believe the Government or anyway established parties and to take off their good will, the sooner he was allowed to have been prepared to accept their arances. Conversely, protest-oriented residents who do not trust the established do not hurt the way here, too, stronger skepticism on the day.

Voice bonus for incumbent

Accordingly, it is in many places the councilors, which of one "Voice bonus" profited. This applies to the Social Democratic Oberburg Champion Anne Hidalgo in Paris, which with rich 30% of the votes had a round-half-dozen percentage points more than expected – and attracts against a Fruhere Minister Macrons, Agnès Buzyn, as well as the conservative Rachida Dati in the run-off -, but Also for many conservative local finests and townhauschefs such as Hubert Falco in Toulon with over 61 percent.

Achievements for green

As a nationwide political force, meanwhile, the French grunes, which in the citys such as Lyon (28.46%) or Strasbourg (27.86%) cut off as the strongest political solitary force and in the bourgeoically traged city Bordeaux (with stately 34.38 %) Only very close to the list of the conservative anholder Nicolas Florian with 34.55% land.

Her success is all related to the current and relevance of the climate protection topic. Wherein in Bordeaux – but in recent weeks prior to choice – surprise to record, with just under 12% of the votes for the anticapital lists and radical left Philippe Poutou.

Burgermeister of the Le Pen Party

On the neofascist rights the racemblement was nationally (RN, until 1. June 2018: Front National) There is considerably points where he has already ruled in the Rathausern since 2014. The village masters have obviously made it, one in their eyes "native" Volkuring successfully convey that they will not be meant if they make social cuts – but this for "Foreigners" and external stem.

In Henin-Beaumont, one since about twenty years systematically with local carnation work on the stronghold of the right-wing extremist party developed earlier miner city, officer Steeve Briois brought stately 74.21 percent of the votes cast.

However, the right-wing extremist party received where they did not already rule – so far they turned on Zwolf Burgermeister, too three other for the also right-wing extremist regional party Ligue du Sud – and specifically built a local social base, not the expected growth.

Nowhere hope for the Macron party

Rather, the two old coarse parties, Parti Socialiste (PS) and Conservative (Fruher UMP, now Les Republicains) benefited from the weak of the Macron Party Lrem Regieren.

This has – as a retort party with a lean local construction, which due to its socially jolt-friendly "Reform" anyway the wind with bad popularity in the face blast – nowhere real hope to conquer the town hall of any coarse city.

The second ballot should be canceled?

The central question is now, however, whether the run-off at the next Sunday takes place overhead. Since yesterday, the prere of several pages has been reflected, they fail. Among other things, he comes from prominent physicians, which were already a mistake to hold the first passage.

But since Sunday evening, both the green and the right-wing extremist RN also speak out, the second ballot on 22. To cancel Marz. However, this worms, however, sensation questions regarding how to proceed according to the results of the first passage.

Prevention Jurists so far ame that – because the law requires a distance of one week – these were disgraceful, with the exception of those municipalities, in which an absolute majority for a list has already been achieved in the first round.

So it had to go from the beginning in many places if the choice is then restarted. However, the RN calls, however, to explain the results of the first round for capital by a legislative change. However, too, a problem arises: after several coronavirus infection trap appeared in the National Assembly, the French parliament does not meet currently.

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