28.01.2022 | consumer protection battery vacuum cleaners in test: these products perform best

A cordless vacuum cleaner works without a cumbersome cord and is easy to stow away. However, Stiftung Warentest tested whether the handy devices deliver what they promise in its “test”-Issue 02/2022 tested. Which vacuum cleaners have performed best, you can see here.

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With one Cordless vacuum cleaner the housework is done quickly and, most importantly, back-friendly. Unlike the often bulky floor vacuum cleaners, they are light, flexible to use and quickly at hand. In a direct performance comparison with corded upright vacuum cleaners, however, most models are still not completely convincing. In its current test, Stiftung Warentest examined seven new and three already familiar cordless vacuum cleaners.

The most important results at a glance

For the February issue of the “Test” magazine (2022), the consumer organization Ten different cordless battery vacuum cleaners tested. The following criteria were considered in the test Suction performance, handling, environmental characteristics, durability, safety and harmful substances.

Only two models received “good

In the test, only two of the ten models received a quality rating of “good”. Four other vacuum cleaners were found to be “satisfactory” and the remaining four could only be rated as “sufficient”.

Test winner: This is the best cordless vacuum cleaner

The battery vacuum cleaner BSS825ALL from Bosch, and the Dyson SV17V11 Absolute Extra Pro each received a “good”. Both vacuums cost more than 700 euros and received comparable scores in the handling and environmental categories in the test.

However, the Dyson was able to score better in vacuuming. With the final score 2,3 the best cordless vacuum cleaners fare equally well in the overall ranking.

The handling tip: Samsung VS20R9076T7/EG

The cordless vacuum cleaner from Samsung was awarded an overall grade of “satisfactory (2.9). However, it is the only one of the ten models that in the Category Handling with a “good” rating. The suction performance was rated comparatively worse and so the vacuum cleaner could not be rated “good” in the overall picture.

What to buy?

Which vacuum cleaner is the best choice now? With regard to the Suction performance, the Dyson model is definitely number one. No other model can match it in this category. Like the Bosch vacuum, however, the Dyson has only a mediocre battery, which is a fairly common problem among cordless vacuum cleaners. So you have to choose weigh, which is more important. Or in the end reach for the familiar corded vacuum cleaner.

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